Councillor Clive Taylor
Bankstown City Council

Attention: Mr. Qiao or Mr. Yan
People's Republic of China Consulate
9th Dec 2002

Dear Sir,

I write to you on behalf of a resident of Bankstown, where I have served as a City Councillor for eleven years. Rui Jun has contacted me regarding her inability to obtain a travel visa to China on compassionate grounds following the death of her mother. I understand that she has been refused due to her association with Falun Dafa.

This is a surprise to me as I am aware that Rui Jun traveled to China recently spending sometime there without any problems with the authorities whatsoever. Why she should be refused a visa on this occasion, especially as she needs to tend to the needs of her bereaved father, is deeply concerning to me.

Recently China has been trying to put forward a positive image, which is commendable, with the Beijing Olympics rapidly approaching, the spotlight is sure to be focused on your country. Indeed we here at Bankstown have been approached by cities in China to form sister city relationships, which we have with other countries in your region.

However I would find it difficult to support such friend ties when your Government policy is to refuse visas to Australian citizens who have relatives in China, on the grounds of their spiritual beliefs. I respectfully ask you to reconsider Rui Jun's application, because of the compassionate nature of her need to travel. We all have parents and can understand the need for her to visit her father at this time.

In the sprit of Christmas I hope you will find goodwill at this time.

Thank you

Councillor Clive Taylor
Bankstown City council

Cc: Wu Tao Canberra