With regard to the Hong Kong government's proposal to implement Article 23, as Dafa disciples, we should be aware that this is one of the arrangements made by the old evil forces. Everything that happens in this human world has something to do with Dafa, not to mention an issue as significant as this one.

Because of its unique geographic position, its historical importance, and its role in the world economy, Hong Kong has long been a center of attention. Now with the debate over Article 23, Hong Kong once again has caught the world's attention. I understand that Teacher is using this arrangement to see if we can make good use of this opportunity to further clarify the truth about Dafa.

At present, many people have stood up to oppose the implementation of Article 23, which suggests that they have sensed the ill intention of Article 23, and have realized that it will affect their lives and futures. This provides a wonderful opportunity for us to help people understand the truth about Dafa. Seen from the perspective of the Fa-rectification, no matter what non-practitioners do, they cannot play the essential role. Only Dafa can change history and make things move towards a better direction. Everything we do is for people to learn the truth about Dafa. Therefore we should see through the nature of the matter, and make good use of the opportunity to clarify the truth.

We shall look at things from the perspective of the Fa. It is not rational if we just follow non-practitioners' suggestions, or hope the majority of the people oppose the implementation of Article 23. We should clarify the truth in a deeper and more comprehensive manner, without pursuing a result. Falun Gong has been persecuted for more than three years. The crimes that the Jiang regime has committed are the best evidence that can be used to awaken people. When the whole world is once again focusing on Hong Kong, we should expose the evil with our compassion and solid evidence. We shall let people know the truth, and let them see the compassion and inner strength of Dafa practitioners. In China, Dafa practitioners are still being persecuted. At this moment, we shall help people realize how important the compassion and forbearance that Dafa practitioners have shown is to every one in society. We are people who are considerate of others, and full of wisdom and compassion.

Clarifying the truth about Article 23 is not only Hong Kong Dafa practitioners' job. It is also an important thing that all practitioners around the globe should pay attention to. Overseas practitioners have the means to do this well. Every letter, every fax, and every email will add up to play a significant role. Let us cherish this opportunity, and take the initiative to eliminate the evil and awaken the people in the world.

The above is just my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.