On April 26, 2002, based on a tip, the Jixing District police arrested Shang Guimin, a Dafa practitioner from Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province. The police also broke into his relative's house and arrested Shang's wife, who is not a practitioner. Later, they took his children away from their school as well. While ransacking his home, they stole his mobile phone, pager, and 1700 Yuan in cash. (The average monthly income in China for an urban worker is 500 Yuan.) After his arrest, Shang Guimin was detained in the No. 1 Detention Center in Mulan County. The police subjected him to various forms of torture, hoping to extract information regarding the source of Dafa materials and names of other practitioners involved. In spite of his suffering, Shang Guimin did not give in. On the day before Chinese National Day, he was secretly sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment in Jiamusi Prison.

Two other Dafa practitioners Yu You and his wife were also sentenced to ten years imprisonment on the same day. The police broke into Yu's apartment by climbing through a window with a fireman's ladder. Yu You was sent to Jiamusi Prison, but the whereabouts of his wife are unknown.