(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang is the Chief of police in the Kaifa District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. In October 2000, he illegally arrested practitioner Zhang Ying, an employee of Hebei Metallurgy Development Company, and detained him for four days. Later, he plotted to detain Zhang Ying again, but the practitioner escaped just in time. Since then, Zhang Ying was forced to leave his home and become homeless in order to avoid further persecution. Still, Chief Zhang continually asked the practitioner's workplace to locate his home and put great pressure on his family.

In order to kidnap Zhang Ying, this past September, Chief Zhang and Director Liu from the Hebei Metallurgy Development Company led a dozen police officers with two police cars and surrounded Zhang's home. They wanted to kidnap Zhang's wife, Hu Jinfang, who is also a practitioner, to take her to a brainwashing session and to force her to reveal Zhang Ying's whereabouts. Because Hu's stern refusal, they failed. Afterward, they placed many plain-clothed policemen at the three entries to the community Zhang lived in as well as on the road Hu used to pick up her granddaughter everyday. By doing so, they hoped to arrest Zhang Ying.

On September 28, 2002, Hu took her granddaughter out of the apartment building. A plainclothes officer immediately followed them while informing the outside police by cell phone. The outside police tried to block her exit while the inside police pursued her, but the old woman magically escaped. Since then, she has had no choice but to abandon her home, leaving two children at home alone.

Chief Zhang still would not give up; he even stopped Zhang Ying's youngest son on his way home and tried to trick him into telling his parents' whereabouts but was refused. Moreover, they followed Zhang Ying's oldest daughter, Zhang Haixia, but fled when Zhang Haixia questioned them with stern words about why they followed her.

Below is a list of phone numbers for some of the responsible people.

The Police Office of the Kaifa District, Shijiazhuang city: 86-311-5960554, 86-311-5965069, and 86-311-5960059

The Party-Political Office of the Hebei Metallurgy Development Company: 86-311-5056143

The Clerk Office of the Hebei Metallurgy Development Company: 86-311-5050474, 86-311-5050490, 86-311-5661124, and 86-311-5056149.

The Secretaries of Party Committee of the Hebei Metallurgy Development Company: Tian Bangxing Lin Zhidian

The Executive of the Hebei Metallurgy Development Company: Liu Congju

The Director of the Clerk Office of the Hebei Metallurgy Development Company: Liu XX

December 1, 2002