I am a practitioner living in Connecticut, USA. My mother, Tiewu Xuemei, 50 years old, was a nurse at the Three Bridges Hospital of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. She was arrested because she practiced Falun Gong in August 2001 and sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. Now she is detained in Guizhou Women's Forced Labor Camp.

Xuemei attained Dafa in 1996. Since Jiang started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, her life has been disturbed frequently because she refused to give up practicing Falun Gong. Before her arrest, she was called to the hospital officials' office and asked to give up the practice. She resolutely refused. In August 2001, she was arrested just because someone said the Falun Gong literature they possessed came from her (there was no evidence). She was sentenced without due process to three years of forced labor and now is detained in Guizhou Women's Forced Labor Camp. She is deprived of visitation rights. Since she was detained she has been subjected to so-called "reeducation," which is actually forced brainwashing. In addition she has to do hard labor. She is tortured both physically and mentally. Her mother-in-law could not withstand the life of constant harassment from local police since her arrest and was traumatized from the series of things that happened, so she had to leave home and return to her hometown. She is now living alone. A harmonious family was thus torn apart by the evil forces.

The Telephone number of Guizhou Women's Forced Labor Camp: 0851 254 9362. Jail guard Chen Li (female)

I still remember when I was young and my mother worked as nurse in Ganxinan Hospital. My father was constantly on business trips and often away from home. My mom worked different shifts. She was reluctant to leave me at home by myself, so whenever she was on the night shift, she would take me along. She was very good at her job so different divisions all wanted her. There was a period of time when she worked in the emergency room. The work was so hectic that she did not even have time to wipe away the sweat. I was a good boy and just stayed in her bunk reading several available magazines, "Young Friends" and "Clever Grandpa." The happiest moment was to have a midnight snack, a special food in this area made of rice sticks filled with meat. It seemed I never had such wonderful food after I grew up. My mother always got two: one for me, one for her. Sometimes I was so greedy that I would eat both of them. I was so full that my mom, who was still hungry, had to rub my tummy. My apology to my mother changed to tears that filled up my eyes. Now my mother is being tortured in Guizhou Women's Forced Labor Camp. I will try my best to call on the US government and kind American people to rescue my mother.