In October of 1999, two Falun Gong practitioners from Taikang County, Henan Province went to appeal in Beijing. After they were brought back, they were sent to a forced labor camp without any legal basis. One of these practitioners was the deputy secretary of the township Party Committee. He had held that position for a few years. He is not corrupt and his family is certainly not wealthy. When the evil ones asked him, "Do you want Falun Gong or the Party?" he answered without hesitation, "I want Falun Gong."

He was then unlawfully sent to a forced labor camp for three years, simply for going to Beijing to appeal.

The other practitioner who had gone to Beijing was the contact person of a practice site. Because both of them were still very firm after their three year detention periods were up, they were illegally taken back to their local detention centers and held by the police. It is said that this was done to extort money from them.

In just one small county, between October of 1999 and the autumn of 2000, corrupt officials bought a fancy automobile valued at more than 100,000 Yuan [the average urban worker's monthly wage is about 500 Yuan] with the money extorted from Falun Gong practitioners.