There is a Chinese proverb, "Good is rewarded with good." This corresponding true story happened to an elderly woman over the age of 80 who lives near us. She was miraculously brought back to life from a dying state and felt rejuvenated after she realized the truth about Dafa raising righteous thoughts in her heart.

An 81-year-old woman with the surname Chen is generous and benevolent to all people. She has experienced big tribulations and disasters in her life. Raising many children, she suffered hardships and pains, and took care of everything. As she aged, her body suffered from a series of illnesses. A few years ago, diabetes erupted simultaneously with pulmonary tuberculosis, lungs disease, a constant coughing up of blood, heart disease, an irregular heartbeat, and a weak, declining heart. She had to be rescued many times. Her body weight dropped to a meager 80 to 90 pounds from her normal weight of 140 pounds. Everything was prepared for her death, as it could have happened at any moment.

The old woman had two sons that were Falun Dafa practitioners. They often came back home to take care of her. Ever since last year, they took advantage of the fact that she still had a clear consciousness and clarified the truth to her about Falun Gong, revealing the false nature of all the vicious propaganda and lies about Dafa shown on television, and they also played the audiotapes of Teacher's lectures to her. The old woman quickly accepted the truth of Falun Gong and she had traditional Chinese moral standards so she quickly understood the truth. When meeting people, she would say to them: "As a human being, you must have a strong main consciousness. Others might say Falun Gong is bad, but I am able to see that Falun Gong teaches people to be kind-hearted and asks people to go in the right direction. There is nothing in Falun Gong saying that they should kill or hurt anyone. Falun Gong is good; 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance' are good. If everyone follows what Teacher Li Hongzhi says, there would absolutely be no corrupt officials, workers would not become unemployed, and we civilians would not have to worry about having no good days to live!"

After the woman clearly understood Dafa, she did not forget to urge her daughters: "You must walk a righteous path, act in a correct way, distinguish between good and evil, and don't follow the unhealthy trends and evil practices in society."

After this year's Chinese New Year, her severe pulmonary tuberculosis strangely recovered without any treatment, her diabetic condition stabilized, and her heart disease symptoms vanished. In her own words, she felt no pain and no itching, as if she had never had any diseases. She could also eat and sleep well, and her complexion became rosy. Her breadth of mind has increased. Her feelings of resentment throughout her life have been dissolved with her benevolent thoughts. Her heart is carefree, extremely clear and kind, and she sleeps soundly.

It's very significant that this elderly woman has become witty and optimistic, and makes people's hearts warm when they come to visit her. She also often tells funny jokes and make others laugh really hard. What is even more unthinkable is that the gray hair on her head turned into thick, shiny, and wavy hair after April or May of this year. It caused her close friends and relatives to be truly amazed. People who actually discover the exact details of her revitalization are even more amazed and they know that it was Falun Gong that saved this kind-hearted elderly woman because of her righteous thoughts.