Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I am sharing this cultivation experience on behalf of the Global Rescue Campaign team. The topic is "Upgrading as a Whole in the Fa rectification Process."

  1. Understanding clearly from the Fa the importance and urgency of the Rescue Campaign

Canadian practitioners initiated the global campaign to "Rescue our Family Members" in July, and it has since expanded globally.

In the beginning, practitioners who participated in this campaign had extensive sharing of thoughts based on the principles of the Fa, mainly because there were different opinions and worries about the campaign. There were also different understandings on whether we could catch up with the process of the Fa rectification. Some practitioners felt our rescue activity on a large scale might add more pressure on their relatives and themselves, thus aggravating their adversity. Some practitioners considered whether we would be too selfish to spend time rescuing our own relatives, while the foremost priority of practitioners overseas right now was to clarify the truth to the precious Chinese people. Also, some practitioners felt it was too difficult to rescue their relatives, because only a few have been successfully rescued since the onset of the persecution.

After the first Fa-study and discussion, we came to a common understanding from the principles of the Fa. We all agreed that vigorously appealing and rescuing from overseas would not bring more pressure to our relatives; instead it would reduce their pressure, because the evils are fearful of being exposed, as the methods they employ in the persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners are shameful, and they are afraid of putting themselves under the scrutiny of the world's people. We must let the world know about their evil. We have been exposing the evil, and the fact of our relatives' persecution would compel society to pay more attention to the issue, because this persecution is happening right next to them. We have tried our best to let the world know the cases of practitioners being tortured to death, and the fact that our relatives have been tortured to death would shock the world, thus exposing the evil and clarifying the truth more powerfully.

Individual cases provide us with an extremely good opportunity to clarify the truth to governments and society. One of our missions as overseas practitioners is to alleviate the pressure on practitioners in Mainland China, and rescuing our relatives can serve such a purpose. Everybody agreed to have weekly group Fa studies to ensure that we would handle everything from the perspective of the Fa. We believe the group Fa-study would be our best guarantee for the success of the rescue work.

The first thing we did after this was to expose the persecution cases in our own media. There were two stories reported in each issue of a Chinese newspaper. In the meantime, television groups and broadcasting groups produced special programs related to this issue. Practitioners also built some photo display boards, which they took with them when distributing truth-clarifying materials in Chinatown and other places. These reports shocked a lot of local Chinese. Many of them knew something about the persecution but were not sure if it was real. They were deeply touched after reading the real stories and seeing the photos, especially when they learned that there were renowned, nationally recognized scientists and experts among the relatives being persecuted. There are also some who do not practice Falun Gong themselves, but have relatives who do and who are also suffering persecution. They keenly expressed their wishes to work with us to rescue their family members.

Then, we divided practitioners in Toronto into several sub-groups to hold press conferences and visit the local PMs within the Province of Ontario. In a short period of three months, they visited almost all Federal Cabinet ministers and Congressmen in Ontario. This brought about great local impact. Good news came one month later. The sister of one Toronto practitioner was released half a year before the end of her original term.

When we sat down to share our experiences, what we all felt deeply was that the most important guarantee for successful rescue is upgrading ourselves as a whole, based on the Fa. Master said in "Drive Out Interference," " The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts."

Soon, through the discussions of practitioners from Canada, USA, Australia and other countries, the global rescue campaign started. In a telephone conference, practitioners from each country shared their understandings from the perspective of the Fa and on the importance of cooperation around the world, and we truly came to understand what Master said, "...you are one body." ("Teaching the Fa at the
Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America
", Guiding the Voyage) We decided to establish The "Global Action Committee for Rescuing the Family Members of Falun Gong Practitioners." Thereupon we started clarifying the truth and appealing for rescue on a large scale in Texas and Mexico, before Jiang visited the USA and the APEC Mexico summit meeting.

2. Coordinate as one body to clarify the truth

The USA is the main base for Dafa overseas, and Dafa practitioners handle a lot of issues there. But the visit of the head of the evil to Chicago and Texas could bring a big evil field and evil substances to interfere with us. Therefore, it was not only a matter for practitioners in the US but also a matter for all Dafa practitioners to clarify the truth to all levels of governments and the media before the head of the evil's arrival. Our global rescue team proactively communicated and coordinated with everybody to participate in this activity of clarifying the truth and eliminating the field of evil substances.

Practitioners from Australia, Holland, Japan, Canada and the USA participated together in this activity of clearing the field. This activity mainly included clarifying the truth to governments in all cities and the state governments in Texas, as well as clarifying the truth to governments of all levels in North America during the car journey of the "Rescue our family members and get them home" global campaign.

When we clarified the truth at city council meetings, our speaking time was limited to three minutes. It was very difficult to clarify the truth within such a short time. Practitioners from various places took an active part in such activity. Dai Zhizhen from Australia held her child in her arms as she talked about her husband being tortured to death. Li Jinyu and Lin ShenLi from Canada came forward together, and Li Jinyu talked about the process of appealing to rescue Lin Shenli. Then a local practitioner from Texas talked about the overall situation of Dafa being persecuted in China. There was a striking contrast: people could see the profound sorrow in the image of the child and the mother losing their family member, yet at the same time they could also see the manifestation of the power of justice, and they could see the achievements as a result of the support extended to Falun Gong practitioners by kind hearted people outside of China. Three people exposed the evil and clarified the truth from three different angles, and yet the three speeches, put together, formed one whole body. Because they were talking about their own experiences, what they said left a deep impression on the audience. After the meeting ended, we went up to talk with the mayor and the other council members, and left with them the contact information of local practitioners for them to keep in touch in future.

After we arrived in Texas, local practitioners took us by car to visit one city after another. On one busy day we managed to visit two city councils. When the mayor happened to be away, we talked with the mayor's assistant and other councilors. We visited two media outlets and talked with the editors and reporters. In addition, we also managed to present a speech at a council meeting in the same evening.

In order to let the governments and people of Texas know the truth of Dafa and to expose the evil, we attended a series of press conferences held by practitioners in Texas. Starting with the focal point of rescuing family members, we captured the attention of many local media.

The reporters felt encouraged in knowing that the rescue campaign had spread globally, and the case of the successful rescue of Lin Shenli by Canadian intervention compelled them to extend more support to this rescue campaign.