(Clearwisdom.net) In late October of 2002, eight Dafa practitioners were illegally sentenced to prison terms, ranging from 3 to 14 years, by the Mishan City Court of Heilongjiang Province. Dafa practitioner Jiang Honglu, who was shot by police during the Chinese Spring Festival and has been in jail ever since, was sentenced to 14 years. In order to frame Jiang Honglu, the Mishan Police Department tried to force him to admit that he had attacked the police while being chased and shot at. Jiang Honglu firmly denied the charge, so the police beat him up brutally. Jiang passed out, and after he regained consciousness, the police continued to coerce him. However, the police failed to extort a confession from Jiang no matter what torture methods they used on him.

At present, many practitioners are being held in the Mishan City Detention Center. Many people have gone on hunger strike to protest their illegal detention, and some have been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The detained practitioners are under enormous pressure as the persecution has reached an extreme. The police even ordered the male criminals to take off female Dafa practitioners' pants.

Party Secretary of Mishan City Police Department: 86-467-5222376

Head of Mishan City Police Department: 86-467-5223477

Secretary of Political and Judiciary of Mishan City Police Department: 86-467-5235246

Director of Mishan City Anti-Corruption Bureau: 86-467-5237493

Secretary of Mishan City Discipline Committee: 86-467-5222346

Mishan City Detention Center: 86-467-5261117

Policemen at the Detention Center:

Liu Xiaohu: 86-467-5221416 (home); Ju Hongjun: 86-467-5220219 (home)

Political Security Division of Mishan City Police Department: 86-467-5230149

Chief of Political Security Division: 86-467-5231270

Vice Chief of Political Security Division: 86-467-5223266

Wang Shaolin of the "610 Office": 86-467-5231636 (home)

The "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, has been posting all kinds of banners to slander Falun Gong everywhere in the city, attempting to deceive the public.