(Clearwisdom.net) In a quiet and unique wooden house in a suburb of Miami, I conducted research about maintaining good health with music. One day, Marlin, a middle-aged woman in a wheelchair, came and asked for help with music recuperation. She looked pale, and she seemed depressed and helpless. She had been suffering serious fibromyalgia for many years and the disease tortured her to the point that she attempted suicide several times, but fortunately, had been saved by family members. Patients with such a disease suffer from chronic muscle and joint pain. Also, they often suffer from insomnia, neurasthenia, depression, headache, dysfunction in the gastrointestinal system, and physical weakness as well. Female patients may also have the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. The cause of this disease is still unknown in the medical field, and there is no known method to cure it. Doctors can only use symptomatic measures to alleviate the patient's pain and help reduce the severity of various complications.

It was Marlin's last hope to try the music hypnotic recuperation. The gentle and soft hypnotic music gradually led her into a half-sleep state. In about 20 minutes, she gradually calmed down and became peaceful, with a slight smile on her face. About half an hour later, though, she suddenly became terrified and upset; seemingly she was trying to escape an enormous danger. The upset and frightened state lasted about 20 minutes. With the induction of the peaceful music and speech, she gradually regained her peacefulness, having seemingly gotten rid of the danger.

After Marlin woke up, she calmly related what she had experienced in her consciousness during the hypnosis. A bloody, terrifying experience in her past life was displayed to her like the replaying of a film. In that life, she was fighting for her life on a battlefield full of artillery bombardment, and was finally killed in a painful struggle. The calm and mild hypnotic music and comforting speech guidance calmed and comforted her body and mind, and miraculously removed the hidden painful peril that was left from such a long time ago. After she woke up, she was slightly sweating, with a light pinkish complexion; she was calm and peaceful. After she related the past life experience, she amazingly found that her body -- previously plagued by constant pain -- was incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Since then, her fibromyalgia, which had bothered her more than half of her life, has disappeared.

The curing of Marlin's illness through the recall of her past life experience awakened my mind. It is also one of the scientific illustrations that further strengthened my belief in Falun Dafa cultivation when I had just started cultivating. I am sharing this unforgettable experience with the hope that it may benefit our friends with a predestined relationship to Dafa.

Nov. 18, 2002