Oct. 29, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners Chen Guilian and Yang Yuhua of Nanzhao County, Henan Province were illegally detained by the county police for around two years. The practitioners protested the illegal detention with hunger strikes. Recently, the evil authorities illegally sentenced Chen Guilian to a three-year prison term, and Yang Yuhua to a three and a half year prison term.

While they were being taken for sentencing, Chen Guilian shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" to the gathered public as soon as she stepped out of the prison. Many people were shaken. The evil thugs punched her to the ground and stepped on her, but Chen Guilian remained faithful and unyielding. When the escort vehicle passed by towns or villages, she shouted, "Falun Dafa is good." The thugs even used tape to seal her mouth to prevent her from shouting out the truth at the sentencing.

It is a gang of criminals in police uniform who knowingly break the law by detaining and persecuting Dafa practitioners who cultivate their minds toward benevolence. At Nanzhao County Police Department, the department chief, the heads of the sections and the heads of the police stations are a gang of several dozen thieves who commit crimes together. They stole and sold off automobiles and divided the money among themselves. They stole and sold 58 police vehicles in total. In the whole county there are a total of 16 police stations, 15 of which were involved in the crimes. In June of 2002, the deputy chief of Yuenyang District Police Department, Shen Shaoke was detained and interrogated for a recently uncovered crime. The public security division head of the Yuenyang District Police Department, Li Gang and others were also arrested and detained by Nanyang City criminal police team. Li Gang's wife Yiao Liya was the political security section head of Nanzhao County Police Department. She is also one of the main criminals who persecute Dafa. 300 thousand Yuan of embezzled money was uncovered in one search. This money had been squeezed out of the hard earned savings of the common people and Dafa practitioners.

Phone number of Yiao Liya, the head of county police department's political security division, 86-377-6912709, and 86-13703451895 (cell phone)