October 30, 2002


A Reporter from China said, "It has been hard for you."

We met a reporter that came to the US with Jiang's party. He said to me, "It has been hard for you guys. You had to run after us, and had to spend your own money."

I said, "Yes I am a bit tired. I stayed up in front of the hotel throughout the night."

He said, "I saw it from the window; it's not easy." I felt happy for this reporter as he expressed his compassionate thought.

Foreign Chinese Students Said They Would Read Zhuan Falun.

Practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts and practicing along the street in front of the hotel where Jiang stayed. People who came to welcome Jiang were also crowded into the same area. Many practitioners used this opportunity to clarify the truth to them. Those who gradually learned the truth became increasingly friendlier throughout the event. An elderly visitor was very touched, and he took some VCDs and Falun Dafa informational materials with him. Two very stubborn foreign Chinese students talked with practitioners until 2:00 a.m. After much discussion with practitioners, they said that they would read Zhuan Falun.

An Elderly Man Says, "May you persist in what you are doing!"

An elderly man inside the hotel where we stayed stood watching practitioners. When he saw us getting out of the car he said passionately, "May you persist in what you are doing!"

Reactions From Jiang's Welcoming Party

In the hotel where Jiang stayed in Chicago, a group of people from the welcoming party came into the hotel very boisterously. But they all became very quiet when they saw the China Amnesty [an organization similar to Amnesty International but only dealing with issues related to China] billboard displaying how Jiang sold Chinese land to Russia. They stood and read for a long time. Their noise level decreased significantly after this.