October 30, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Gong Chengxi, male, 24, was a graduate of the class of 1997 in the department of administration management at China University of Political Science and Law. He once held the office of student body president and other positions at the university. He was known to be honest, kind, and exhibited excellence in his conduct and academic achievements.

At the end of 2000, he was kidnapped to Beijing Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp when he was found distributing Falun Dafa flyers. In nearly two years of persecution, the police have resorted to all kinds of brutal means to torture him, such as forcing him to stand or squat for long periods of time, using electrical shocks, forced feeding, sleep deprivation and many other kinds of brutal means, trying to force him to betray his belief. The guards at one time instigated a criminal inmate to forcefully stab his ribs with a toothbrush handle, which left painful signs of injury on his body. Furthermore, the collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who went astray because of torture and brainwashing] came by in turns to brainwash him with lies, to mentally torture him. As the labor camp's specially targeted person, he has suffered all kinds of tortures. It is hard to imagine what this slim young man has suffered, but in spite of all the maltreatments he has received, he still firmly holds on today and has not shown any weakness to the evil nor made any statements against his conscience. Every practitioner in the labor camp who knows him respects and admires him.

At the end of 2001, his illegal sentence term was over, but the labor camp authorities extended the term by another ten months with the excuse that he had "violated the labor camp rules." In October 2002, the additional ten months extension was reached again. The labor camp authorities once again found excuses not to release him and added another two months to his illegal sentence.

Currently, Gong Chengxi is being unlawfully detained in the "training unit." His mother recently traveled thousands of miles from Xinjiang Autonomous Region to see her son, yet the labor camp refused to admit her.

At present, Gong Chengxi has refused to listen to any of the police's orders or participate in any of the labor camp's activities. We hope that Dafa practitioners and kind-hearted people all over the world will pay attention to his situation and offer him support and help, so that he can regain his freedom as soon as possible.