(Clearwisdom.net) Xiao Zhao is a simple and honest farmer who only has an elementary school education. After the Dafa material production site in the county was destroyed, there was quite a long period of time when our fellow practitioners living around the county could not read Minghui.net. The practitioners felt anxious because they could not obtain Dafa materials.

Xiao Zhao's sister and brother-in-law are also Falun Dafa practitioners, but his brother-in-law was illegally detained and put into a labor camp, while his sister became homeless and destitute. One day, Xiao Zhao by chance saw his sister, and told her about the situation regarding the loss of Minghui.net materials in his area. His sister then asked a fellow practitioner, Xiao Huang, to help Xiao Zhao. They collected money and bought a used computer and a printer. Xiao Huang started to teach Xiao Zhao how to print Dafa materials.

Xiao Zhao had never touched a computer before. In his words, "My hands have only handled hoes." Xiao Huang encouraged him, and wrote down every detail of every step in his own understandable language. Xiao Zhao studied it very seriously.

These three practitioners studied the Fa diligently, at the same time, paid attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and eliminating interference. The first day, Xiao Zhao learned extremely fast, as though all the skills were familiar. During the second day, interference was very bad, and Xiao Zhao's mind was blank and suddenly forgot everything. Xiao Zhao, his sister, and Xiao Huang immediately started sending forth righteous thoughts repeatedly to eliminate all evil factors within their own dimensions and in the universe. On the third day, everything moved smoothly. On the fourth day, Xiao Zhao could already edit and print simple Minghui articles and truth clarification materials on his own.

In this way, an unsophisticated farmer with his "hands that have only handled hoes," established a simple personal site to produce Dafa materials in just four days. Other than the Internet materials that Xiao Huang provided (because in the countryside, it is not easy to get access online, and doing so is highly noticeable), Xiao Zhao alone solved the problem of supplying Dafa materials to all the practitioners in that area.

This is a miracle that was created by Dafa practitioners while assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification. The process is one of refining yourself and of breaking everyday people's concepts (age, education level, etc.), and also the process of breaking through the old forces' arrangements. It is the process of improving continuously on the path of Fa-rectification. Whatever knowledge we have learned from everyday people and have accumulated in personal cultivation, all is to be used by Dafa particles today in clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.