During the night of September 28, 2002, 12 government officials, lead by the Political and Judicial Secretary of Lingshan County, Jimo City in Shandong Province, secretly held a meeting to plan how to abduct Dafa practitioners to the forced brainwashing sessions in Qingdao. At 5 am, together with the members of the police department, they split up and went to several Dafa practitioners' homes in the county.

On September 29, seven vicious people, lead by Dong Quanqi, arrived at San Village of Lingshan County Dafa practitioner Fang Shaoliang's house (Fang Shaoliang had been home for only 2 months after serving an illegal 2 year sentence in a forced labor camp). Vicious people deceived Fang Shaoliang's mother (Dafa practitioner, about 60 years old) into opening the door. When the old lady had barely opened the door, the ruffians, who were all well prepared, rushed in. They pinched a nerve in the old lady's neck and pushed her to the floor. The old lady screamed loudly from the pain. She was taken into the police car without even having time to take a breath. Facing all these sudden changes, Fang Shaoliang tried to lock himself inside one of the rooms, but the ruffians kicked and broke down two doors to gain entry. Four of the ruffians put Fang into the police car. At the same time, Fang's wife, Wang Xin, was in another room and not able to get dressed before the ruffians kicked-in the door. Wang covered her body with one hand while she tried to close the door with the other hand, and at the same time loudly told them that she was not dressed. However, the ruffians did not listen, kicked the door open, and pushed into the room. Wang Xin said in a loud voice: "You guys leave immediately, I am putting on my clothes!" But they just stood and watched her get dressed without leaving the room. At this point, their naked eight-year-old child, shocked by the sudden intrusion, started crying. The ruffians did not move; they just ignored their effect on the family. Later, Wang Xin sent the ruffians away.

On the afternoon of the same day, the ruffians again went to kidnap Wang Xin. When they saw the door was locked, they guessed that Wang Xin had returned to her parent's house. That night, Wang Xianheng, in collusion with the secretary Cao Shixun of San Village, Lingshan County went to Wang Xin's parent's house to kidnap her. Wang Xin's parents did not cooperate with the vicious people who had no choice but to sheepishly leave.

The group, lead by Liu Dejun, arrived at the home of female Dafa practitioner Shao Shouxiang of Tong Shanpo, Lingshan County. This was the third time they came to kidnap her. Shao Shouxiang's husband had just been released after serving an illegally sentenced two year term in a forced labor camp for practicing Falun Dafa. Their second daughter was just five years old. Shao Shouxiang firmly rejected the vicious people and sent them away.

Female Dafa practitioner He Shurong of Cuijiaan Village, Liangshan County, was kidnapped by the vicious perpetrators who jumped over the wall to enter his house. This was the second time they had kidnapped He. On the same day, Dafa practitioners Ma Xinling from Lanbuwan Village and He Xiuxiang from Shiwanghe Village were also taken to the Qingdao brainwashing classes.

Wang Gedong, Political and Judicial Secretary of Xing Shang Coung of Jimo City, also committed crimes on the same day. Framed by Wang Gedong, nearly all the steadfast young Dafa practitioners in the county were illegally sent to a forced labor camp. On the same day, a few ruffians, that accompanied Diao Shufeng, tried to abduct 60-year-old He Pirun and his wife Sun Shuqin. This was the third attempt to take the old couple to the brainwashing classes. It was great that the two elderly ladies firmly reject the evil and safely return home.

It is reported that Fang Shaoliang's mother and Ma Xinling started a hunger strike on the same day. The situation of other practitioners is not clear and we are worried about their conditions.

We ask all kind-hearted and righteous people to extend a hand to end the persecution of the cultivators who practice "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance."