Facts about the Persecution

The evil policemen in Qingdao City Forced Labor Camp have incited prisoners to beat and torture me for a long period of time. I was beaten black and blue, causing painful swelling from head to toe. The beating caused such a painful injury to me that my thighs and buttocks were numb. The prisoners even warned me that they had a signed contract with the guards, which specified that their beating Falun Gong practitioners was executing the government's regulations and representing the government. If I insisted on practicing Falun Gong, they would be beating me under the authority of the law.

News from Overseas

On October 30, 2002, Xinhua News Agency claimed that the Sinosat was once again attacked by "illegal" TV signals and instructed Taiwanese authorities to investigate the possible origins of the TV signals. What the "illegal" TV signals actually broadcast, Xinhua News Agency did not say. According to the Apple Daily of September 11, however, the inserted programs were about "Jiang selling out the country." No wonder someone was feeling nervous. After the fabricated lies and the false dramas were exposed one after another, the Xinhua News Agency and the few people in power still continue to deceive those who do not know the truth and incite hatred. They are ruining these innocent people's futures

Media Coverage

Li Yi discussed some issues in a weekend commentary column of the Apple Daily. President George Bush pointed out to Jiang that it was important to safeguard the people's rights in Hong Kong. When Tung Chee-hwa, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, was asked about this issue, he said that it was acknowledged worldwide that human rights in Hong Kong were successfully protected. Obviously President George Bush was referring to the No. 23 Basic Legislation, "the future tense" of Hong Kong's human rights, while Tung Chee-hwa's reply was notably in the past tense. Tung Chee-hwa was definitely not answering Bush's question. Qian Qichen, China's former foreign minister and present vice premier, said, "There are some people who really worried about this issue. Is it that they have ulterior motives in their mind?" The latest public opinion polls indicated that 52.3% were against the enactment of Article 23 of the basic legislation and only 23.2% supported it. Does this mean that half of the population of Hong Kong has ulterior motives? Then President George Bush certainly qualifies. These "ulterior motives" represent the values of freedom, human rights and justice that were sown in people's hearts during the British rule of Hong Kong. Only a few people in power do not have these so-called "ulterior motives." (Apple Daily, Hong Kong)