(Clearwisdom.net) On October 24 at 4:00 a.m., together with other practitioners from Germany we went to send righteous thoughts outside the InterContinental Hotel where Jiang was staying. At around 10:00 a.m. I was about to leave, but some ear-splitting music singing the praises of socialism suddenly came from behind me. I turned around and saw a van with two loudspeakers parked in the parking lot and several Chinese people standing by. I realized that people from the Chinese consulate had come to interfere with us.

I decided to stay. When I returned to the previous place, I noticed that it was right in front of the loudspeakers, where the noise was the most deafening. Other practitioners had moved to other places, but I thought that I should not. I sent righteous thoughts for a while, then started to do the exercise. Several other practitioners also came to this place to send righteous thoughts. Loud music emanated from the loudspeakers, one song after another, but I felt that my heart was getting clearer and quieter. There were almost no distracting thoughts in my mind. I had only one thought: those people are being manipulated [by the old forces]; we cannot let them achieve their goal.

One time, a long line of Chinese people holding Chinese flags came and stood behind us; they were students organized to welcome Jiang. Dafa practitioners were not affected. It was just like we didn't see and didn't hear them, and without our acknowledging them, the Chinese flags behind us disappeared. One hour later, several Chinese people who were broadcasting the songs went to lunch.

When they came back in the afternoon, a Chinese person shouted loudly, "See who will come out on top!" But awaiting them were five or six policemen and the owner of the parking lot. Due to their activities earlier that morning, the owner asked the police to order the noisy van to leave. These Chinese people then had a conversation with the police, called their superior, and waved the American flag to show their "friendliness." Nevertheless, they finally had to leave under police orders.

From the beginning, Dafa practitioners did not request any outside help and did not pay much attention to this incident. But our righteous thoughts were powerful in other dimensions. When our thoughts are pure and we are not moved by outside forces, when we do what we should, in this dimension there will be a corresponding effect.