Twenty-year-old Dafa practitioner Pan Dongmei from Dianbai City, Guangdong Province went to Beijing to validate Dafa. She was illegally arrested and sent to Chaoyang District Detention Center on April 3, 2001.

For three days (April 5-8) she was tied to a wooden rack in Room # 612, where she was force fed through her nose. A warden took off Pan's socks and stuffed one into her vagina and the other one into her anus. The warden also directed prisoners to seal Pan's mouth with tape. Pan was tortured so terribly that she fell unconscious.

From April 8th to April 10th, Pan was interrogated on numerous occasions, day and night. With no sleep or rest, she suffered from extreme fatigue.

On April 11th at midday, interrogator Kang Jianjun forced a male Dafa practitioner to remove his pants and dragged him to Pan Dongmei and forced her to look at him. Pan refused to look. Then, the interrogator wanted to take her clothes off, too. Again, she refused. The cruel interrogator then took out a lighter and burned Pan Dongmei and the male practitioner's faces until they were black and covered with blisters. In spite of their pain, the interrogator used a piece of filthy cardboard to wipe the soot from their faces.

Such savagery aroused the indignation of practitioners and criminal inmates alike.

Interrogator: Du Shijun

Zhou Changwang, police # 031536

Kang Jianjun, police # 032004