(Clearwisdom.net)I have a granddaughter named Baobao, and her English name is Angelica.

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Since her childhood, Baobao has listened to Teacher's recorded lectures with me. She is bright and does not forget anything she sees. She likes to kiss Teacher's photo and the Falun image. The first poem she liked to recite was, "Settling Mind":

Predestined relationship already formed,
The Fa being cultivated,
Read the Book more,
Consummation is close.

(Hong Yin -- The collection of Teacher's poems, unofficial translation)

When she was two years old, one day she suddenly said loudly to me, "I want to transcend the Three Realms." I felt this statement displayed her nature.

What she likes most to do is to give out Dafa truth-clarifying information and materials. When she could walk, I took her with me, climbing stairs up and down, walking streets and lanes, and going door-to-door delivering Dafa truth-clarifying materials to people. She always reminded me where I hadn't covered, saying, "What if there is a Chinese person there? Teacher tells us to offer salvation to the precious Chinese people! "

She can sit in full lotus position, and she often shows others how to sit in the full lotus position whenever she goes out to play or has meals. I think she is trying to let others know about Falun Dafa rather than showing off her ability. She also creates many opportunities for me to introduce Dafa to others.

I often tell her stories of Gods. When she was over two years old, she could tell her little friends about the story of Dizang Bodhisattva. I also told her about Teacher. I told her, "Teacher is so high and great. He comes to save us, and says that we should study the Fa and do the exercises if we want to return. She cried and said, "Mom doesn't practice Dafa, how will it be for her?" I comforted her and said, "If your mom is a good person, she can go to your home in heaven!" She smiled.

When she was over three years old, her mother was once angry with me for clarifying the truth to her friend. Baobao said to me in tears, "Mom doesn't let me return to heaven." I asked her whose words did she believe in. She immediately answered, "Listen to Teacher." I was moved. She was only a three-year-old, but she had such high enlightenment and so much kindness. She could choose her own path.

She cares about everyone and everything in the family. She is always the first one who notices any changes with us. One day she asked me, "What is the swollen part between your nose and eyes, granny?" I said, "It disappeared once I used my hand to feel it. Teacher said, "As a person with genuine gong and energy, you do not need to give it off intentionally; you will leave energy on whatever you touch, and it will all be shining brightly." (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun) This kind of energy is omnipotent." She said, "I also want to be omnipotent."

She often observed my teeth, and told me, "Granny, four of your lower - front teeth have grown." I told her, "Granny is a genuine disciple of Lord Buddha; maybe I'm becoming younger!" She said, "I want to help my mom to genuinely cultivate, and she can also become younger."

When she approached four years old, I told her about the Celestial Eye, and asked her to shut her eyes and look through her celestial eye. She told me that she saw three yellow balloons with the three words, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" in dark blue.

When sending forth righteous thoughts, she always sits in full lotus position and is very concentrated. She told me that she wanted to clear out all evil in other dimensions that persecute Dafa, so that we can follow Teacher to go back to our homes in heaven!