Jiang's regime accelerated the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners during the 16th Party Congress. This was done without any legitimate reason, making everyone lose faith in the system. Regardless of how well they spin the 16th Party Congress, people can see through it.

The 16th Party Congress meant kidnappings. One way for Jiang's regime to maintain "stability" has been to arrest people. This occasion was no exception. The arrests started one month ahead of the congress and a large number of Falun Gong practitioners were taken away. As a result, many families were broken up. In addition, sudden arrests also brought a lot of problems for various workplaces. This is a direct result of the 16th Party Congress.

The 16th Party Congress meant interrogations. During the 16th Party Congress, many people on vacation, especially those in Beijing, were closely interrogated and checked for ID. The 16th Party Congress was a meeting of representatives who were supposed to serve the people, yet it created much trouble and a tense atmosphere for the people.

The 16th Party Congress meant not allowing people to go home. Jiang's regime was very afraid that Falun Gong practitioners would clarify the truth, distribute flyers and put up posters. They hired people to go on patrols and monitor practitioners. They mobilized even more people during the 16th Party Congress. Those policemen on patrol kept complaining, "We are often not allowed to go home and have to be on patrol so much!" Their aversion to the persecution campaign is revealed in their complaints.

More and more people have clearly understood how unjustifiable and ridiculous this persecution campaign is. Many of those who know the truth have begun to resist it openly. As early as the Spring Festival of 2002, some supervisor of a police station said at a United Security Staff meeting, "If you see a Falun Gong practitioner hanging up a banner, don't arrest them and just persuade them to go home. Whoever arrests them should be responsible for dealing with them himself. We won't accept them." During this 16th Party Congress, some policemen held a reserved attitude. In fact, everyone has a clear side that knows the truth. The evil can never defeat the righteous. Sooner or later, the truth of Dafa will be disclosed to the human world. The principle that good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be met with evil will also soon materialize on a grand scale.

Written on November 19, 2002