Since August 27, 2002, the labor camp has assigned a team of policemen to supervise each group of practitioners. There are seven groups of practitioners. Every day, since the introduction of police surveillance, practitioners are forced to sit on small stools from 5 am until 8 or 9 am. Practitioners are forced to perform drills. After that, they are forced to recite the rules of the labor camp. If they disobey, police will beat, electrically shock, hand cuff, hang them by handcuffed hands, force them to sit in an iron chair, and forbid them from sleeping. Police adopted a series of brutal methods to persecute practitioners. For example, Zhu Chunrong was put into a solitary confinement cell because she refused to recite the rules; she was hung up by her hands for one to two days and forced to sit in an iron chair; her hands were cuffed behind her back and she was forbidden to sleep; she was electric shocked after she was hung up, and her legs were covered by blisters from the electric shock. Her face was beaten black and blue. While in the iron chair, she was electrically shocked. At times, several electric batons shocked her simultaneously. Whoever refused to recite the rules was tortured in this manner.

The police yelled, "We will torture those unyielding practitioners to the end." Among the practitioners are Zhao Fengyun, Yu Guizhi, Ma Xinying, Pan Xuanhua, Xu Lihua, Zhang Zhifen, Li Yuhua and Yao Fengjie. Police put them into separate confinement cells and ordered the other prisoners to watch them. They were ordered to clean the bathroom on the third floor at 9 pm and then forced to sit on the small stools for an hour or longer. While handcuffed, Pan Xuanhua was forced to sit on a small iron stool for over ten days and forbidden to leave the room. She had to sit in her own feces and urine because she wasn't even allowed to use the bathroom. In addition, she was deprived of sleep. Not long after, she became mentally unclear. She could not recognize people and even drank her own urine. Her family has requested that she be released as soon as possible. But her family members are forbidden from visiting her and their money has been stolen. Pan has to use newspaper and plastic bags to hold the urine and feces.

Dafa practitioner Zhang Chunyan refused to recite the rules of the labor camp and was hung up by her handcuffed hands and sat on the iron chair for two days. Police forbade her from closing her eyes and opened the windows to freeze her. She was hung up and policemen used ten electric batons to shock her face and armpits, causing serious blisters.

Later the Wanjia Labor Camp authorities further forced Dafa Practitioners to compromise, and sent them to small cells to receive further persecution. On July 25, the concentration training team was formed. Frequent cries and screams could be heard coming from the third floor at night. When people asked the policemen about the wailing, they did not dare acknowledge the sounds. Later some practitioners from the No. 7 unit were put in the concentration unit, tied and hung up, seated on iron chairs and forced to squat. For example, Hao Peijie was put into the concentration unit and was only allowed to sleep two to three hours each day and was forced to squat for three days continuously. She refused to squat at first and was beaten by five inmates, her eyes became hyperemic, her ribs so sore that she could barely gasp for air, and her hair was ripped out. The criminals included Bai Xuelian and others. Later they hung Hao up, the handcuffs that were used became embedded into her flesh. Inmates shouted, "If you do not convert we will let you suffer!" Zhang Bo stated that the conversion rate was required to be 100%. Cui Shuxiang, He Miao and Gao Shuxia would rather die than give up. They jumped out of the window under the extreme torture. Cui Shuxiang is in the hospital now, it is said she is incontinent. At that time, Cui, who is in her sixties, had been in Wanjia Labor Camp for three years. She was supposed to be released in a few days. However the police continue to torture her. Practitioner Ning Shuxian refused to sing songs defaming Dafa and was pulled out and beaten, her eyes and face became black and blue. Practitioner Bai Xiuhua from Xiaoling, Acheng City died due to forced feeding in the Wanjia Hospital. He Miao and Gao Shuxia were tortured and then policemen poured cold water over them.

The practitioners who are known to be targets of savage persecution are: Wen Guizhi, Zhang Yafen, Yin Shourong, Cui Xiuqin, Guo Ruiping, Qu Fengying, Wang Ruixian, Ning Shuxian, Xie Jinxian, Bi Qinghua, Hou Jinhua, An Lihua, Chen Jihuan, Ma Lida, Fan Guizhi, Zhang Kemei, Cheng Jie, Zhang Huiqing, Ma Jiying, Shan Yuqin, Sun Fenglan, Wei Yayun, Ding Shuping, Ma Liping, Fan Chunyan, Li Yanmei, Wu Yuxian, Wu Fengying, Zhang Yaru, Li Xuejun, Yu Guorong, Zhong Xiaoyan, Yang Lixia, Si Yumei, Kong Xiangping, Yu Shuxiang, Tang Shuying, Li Qun, Jiang Lihua, Cui Xiuju, Wang Yuhua, Sun Rui, Jiang Meiyun, Li Guijuan, Wu Xiuzhen, Cao Yu'e, Li Lan, Jin Guirong, Liu Xiaorong, Liu Xiumao, Wang Meijuan, Yu Feng, Tan Guizhi, Zeng Shuling, Zhao Yuting, Feng Yanqiu, Yang Guohua, Wang Junmei, Bao Liyun, Kong Huimin, Kong Fanfen, He Miao, Pan Wenli, Meng Junmei, Li Wenjun, Zhou Hua, Yin Hong, Guan Guilian, Liu Xiuqing, Chen Xianjun, Liu Yumei, Zhang Bojing, Gao Jie, Zhang Guizhen, Liu Xiaorong, Du Xiubo, Wang Yuxia, Wang Xiumei, Ding Xiuling, Wu Bingchun, Sun Guiyun, Ding Xueping, Xu Fengjuan, Wen Yuling, Xu Dongyue, Gao Jie, Xu Changqing, Tian Ying, Yu Fenghua, Mei Guangli, Wang Dongli, Gao Jinling, Bian Weixiang, Shen Shufang, Wu Shulian, Yu Jialian, Wang Shurong, Liu Xiulan, Gao Fengqin, Zhao Xiuyun, Tao Hongmei, Zhang Suqin, Cheng Wenting, Qu Xueying, Shang Yuqiu, Ding Jie, Wang Liyan, Fan Shude, Chi Yaoling, Chi Shuxia, He Lirong, Luo Caisen, Sun Shuhua, Wang Yunping, Cong Lihua, Sun Lizhi, Lu Huiwen, Sun Shuyun, Liu Guixiang, Song Ruixiang, Mou Shuqin, Hao Peijie, Lu Shiping, Liu Yanke, Wang Li, Qiu Liying, Dai Rui, Sun Xiangyan, Lu Xianhua, Du Xiuqin, Zhao Yuting, Chi Liying, Li Min, Qi Jingfang, Li Hongmei, Zhang Jun, Bai Shurong, Guan Lihua, Chen Xianjun, Jiang Boyun, Li Huijuan, Cui Shuxiang, Yu Minglan, Zhu Chunrong, Sun Zhifen, Li Shufen, Li Yingmin, Hu Xiuzhen, Zhou Fengying, Yang Limei, Huang Jing, Sun Jinkui, Sun Aihua, Xu Lingli, Zhao Xihua, Wang Fengying, Shi Ying, Zhao Xiujie, Shao Huafeng, Cheng Guiqin, Huang Yanying, Liu Guoying, Zhang Yan, Zhang Boyan, Luo Hongyan, Zhong Meihua, Xu Fengping.

Some practitioners were forced to compromise and go astray: Ma Shuhua, Zhai Lirong, Wang Fengru, Wei Fengyu, Li Yanqing, Gao Yaling, Li Xianmei, Chen Jie, Liu Hongyu, Cai Zhifu, Zhao Dongyan, Wang Qingyan, Xu Fengping, Liu Hongyan, Hua Fengxia, Chen Jing, Ma Guihong, Zhai Chunfeng, Meng Yuzhi, Su Guanyi, Zhao Yanfang, Gao Yan. All speeches/documents from the above practitioners made under coercion through torture were made against their will and are completely void!

The list of criminals in Wanjia Labor Camp: Zhao Ganqing, Yao Fuchang, and Wu

No 7 Team: Zhang Bo and Chang Yumei

No 12 Team: the team leader Guo, Lin and Zhai. Warder Jia Chunyan, Zhang Aihui, Meng Xiangzhi

Head of the Labor Camp: Shi Yingbai, Lu Zhenshan,

Management Office: Niu Lun

The Wanjia Labor Camp has intensified the persecution; they force Dafa practitioners to watch vicious TV programs and read propaganda that defames Dafa. There are about 250 Dafa practitioners detained in the Wanjia Labor Camp. In the No 12 camp there are some unknown practitioners. A small number of them betrayed Dafa, but they are also victims. Most of them compromised under force. A practitioner named Guan Lihua was hung up, and police gave her an injection that paralyzed her.

The preceding are more documented crimes of persecution against Dafa practitioners committed by authorities in the Wanjia Labor Camp.