Recently, I have read a number of Clearwisdom articles written by fellow practitioners on the issue of security. I also have some understandings on this issue and would like to share my thoughts with everyone.

I think many practitioners talk about the issue of security from a personal perspective, not from an overall point of view. I think that this approach is incomplete and it is what the old forces can take advantage of.

Master said many times that Dafa disciples are one body. Therefore it is very important to improve and advance together. We need to take the whole body into consideration when carrying out the tasks for Fa-rectification, and should not focus too much on how each individual should do. For example, in Mainland China, several practitioners will usually get together, allocate the tasks and cooperate with each other. Together they achieve the tasks of clarifying the truth for Fa-rectification. Therefore, these several people are a small body. If there is a flaw in one individual in this body, others in the group need to do two things: one is to help the one with the flaw to improve and rectify the flaw; the other is to send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate what the old forces have arranged or are about to do with this flaw, and ask Master to help. Hence there will be no problems and real security is achieved. Any other means to solve the issue with only everyday people's methods would not bring good effects. Of course, "to maximally conform to ordinary people" (Zhuan Falun, Lecture 8) is also what we should do. According to my understanding, if most of the people in the group have flaws and only some individuals are all right, then these people without the defects should avoid this group, instead of trying to increase the strength of their righteous thoughts. This way we would not bring more damage to Dafa if the group were damaged.

Therefore I think "no omission" means that there are no omissions in both aspects. In the human dimension we should maximally conform to ordinary people, pay attention to security, and eliminate the insecure factors in every possible way; in other dimensions we should keep improving our xinxing and getting rid of the attachments. We should not be hindered by the sentiments of the human world. We should point out each other's shortcomings and improve together.

About pointing out the shortcomings of each other and looking into oneself when things happen, it is not as easy as it sounds. Many practitioners cannot handle it well and cannot achieve good effects at critical times. Mainly the listener thinks the other side is against him or herself, and therefore is irritated, rejects and refuses completely what the other says; on the other hand, the speaker, with human sentiments and concepts, cannot speak calmly.

Recently while studying the Lecture at the Conference in New Zealand, I learned a lot. Master said: "What's meant by 'ordinary human thoughts'? It means that you still have the various emotions and desires of an ordinary human, you still have ordinary human attachments in various regards, and that ordinary human emotions are at play when you think about things--all of these are ordinary human thoughts--and then there are the opinions that you've formed after birth, and karma is included, thought karma." Moreover, Master said a long time ago that when things happen we should think about others and point out the problem immediately, but we must be "toward the matter and not the person." What I understand from this is that we should focus on the issue and should not cover other areas. We should not have an overall opinion and conclusion about a person over one or several problems in that person's xinxing; otherwise we are controlled by human sentiments and are like everyday people. The listener should not totally reject the issues brought up if the other side is not completely rational and calm; otherwise he or she is also controlled by human sentiments and not behaving according to the standards for Dafa disciples. When faced with conflicts and serious criticisms, we, as Dafa practitioners, should remain calm and try to find things in others' words that can help us see our own shortcomings. Only by doing this can we truly improve ourselves.