(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a Fa Conference coordinator asked me to write an experience-sharing paper. Although I had a few experiences to share, I just could not gather my will to write it. The biggest excuse was that I was too busy working on other Dafa projects, or that "I did not cultivate well enough." Now, after finally finishing my draft, I have some thoughts to reflect upon and share.

Writing an experience-sharing paper is a process of enriching our cultivation and elevating our understanding of the Fa. Each time when we pass tests and tribulations, it does not necessarily mean that we have thought through the issues clearly; oftentimes, our understanding of the Fa is not that clear or comprehensive. This is especially true when we take the easy way out and "let it go" after a busy day of Dafa projects. However, we can revisit our cultivation by settling down our mind, thinking through the issues and ruminating thoroughly and clearly on issues by writing down our cultivation experiences.

There is in fact much selfishness behind our excuse for not writing our experiences down. There are two parts to the excuse, "I did not cultivate well." One is a genuine lack of cultivation; the other is simply stalling and evading the task at hand. But there is still another reason, namely, "I am afraid that I will be laughed at due to my mediocre understanding of the Fa, especially since I am a veteran practitioner." By writing an experience-sharing paper, we can break through the attachment to fame. In fact, while writing, some thoughts often popped up, "See, I knew I had a good understanding on this issue. I am sure others will feel the same way about my cultivation after they hear what I have to share." As soon as we recognize the attachment reflected in our thoughts, we can eradicate it. If we do not settle down and write, we may not have such an opportunity.

If we all want to attend the Fa Conference and benefit from other practitioners' experience sharing, or if we all let others write but only want to listen, and even if we do not want to contribute, then such a mentality will reflect our "selfishness."

Whether a Fa conference will be successful or not, to a large extent, is based on the quality of experience sharing papers. It is difficult to select high quality papers without a sufficient quantity of papers to begin with. If none of us is willing to write, then the Fa conference cannot take place. If I am always considering these issues from my own self-oriented perspective, then--for sure--I am not considering these issues based upon the Fa.

Most of us just have to make the trip and attend the Fa conference. However, Fa conference organizers have the most difficult task, especially when they must be concerned with the lack of active participation in writing experience papers. If we still want to stall, evade the issue, or even try to find countless excuses after we have been called upon, then we are really being selfish and definitely not considering others.

These are just a couple of my thoughts for all of us to ponder.