(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner was sent to a brainwashing center against her will. The city and county government, together with the residential committee, formed a team in order to persecute the practitioner. Two people monitored each practitioner, and the team members changed frequently.

Each day, that practitioner used wisdom, compassion and kindness to clarify the truth to those who are forced to persecute Dafa and practitioners by their superiors. Inside the brainwashing center, she sometimes recites Teacher's articles, including "To Be a Human" from Hong Yin. The team members assigned to her agreed that the words Teacher wrote are truly correct. Sometimes, when practitioners are sending forth righteous thoughts or practicing the exercises, the team members would shield them and even lock the door to avoid being discovered by their superiors. They said, "We won't report you when you do the exercises. You can do them whenever you want at night." They also told other members in the persecution team, "Falun Gong isn't like what is described in the propaganda. Look at her, not eating or drinking, yet she is very considerate to us in every way."

Hardly any of them had heard about the persecution cases that happened to other practitioners. They used to think that the truth-clarifying materials distributed by practitioners were all fake. Several practitioners made a constant effort to clarify the truth to them, telling them about their own suffering in labor camps. After a period of time the team members understood that the persecution is very vicious and that Dafa practitioners are good people.

A member of the persecution team said, "Originally we were supposed to reform you, but on the contrary you reformed us."

November 20, 2002