(Clearwisdom.net) I have two children; one is eight, and the other is ten. Both of them are practitioners. After school, they study the Fa, do exercises and finish their homework. Then they go online to chat and often get a very encouraging outcome. I have written down some of their experiences so readers can come up with more ideas. Age can never be a barrier in doing the Dafa work. They are young but diligent.

At first, my children watched me while I was chatting online. They helped me by standing beside me to send out righteous thoughts. After watching me a number of times, my ten-year-old daughter said that she wanted to chat also. Thanks to our Teacher's benevolence, on the first day that she went online, a predestined person, a college student, was led to her. Now the student has begun to read Dafa books and has asked my daughter to teach him the exercises. The child's purity and kindness can easily move a person's heart. Recently, my daughter said, "Mom, a person told me today that I was the kindest person he ever met."

"Mom, this person said that he was an Internet policeman. He has blocked many Dafa related websites and did not think what happened to Dafa practitioners was real, but now he believes that what we say is the truth."

"Mom! He wrote down his address and asked me to send him truth-clarifying material."

Soon my eight-year-old daughter wanted to do it also. I felt it was great! I witnessed how with her little hands at first she slowly and carefully pasted and typed in the words and finally became quite good at it.

Now I often hear her joyful voice, "Mom, she said that she believes what I said!" "Mom, he told me that he already knew the truth about Dafa." "Mom, he is so pleased that I can send him Dafa materials; he will write a letter to me."

They also encountered some people who were rude and used dirty words. They couldn't understand those words and asked me what those people were saying. Later I found out they were not influenced at all by those people's behavior. They're showing some of the virtues talked about in Teacher's poem, "In the Dao" (from Hong Yin). Gradually, they chatted with more and more people. Lots of people like to keep in contact with kind and benevolent practitioners. Sometimes when people were writing back to them, they usually started with, "Have you forgotten me? We chatted before."

Through their chatting, I see that their compassionate hearts are saving sentient beings, their righteous thoughts are eliminating the evil elements in the universe and their cultivation and improved Xinxing are embodied in their righteous actions. They are fulfilling their magnificent responsibilities as Dafa practitioners.

In Zhuan Falun, Teacher said, "As long as one can do this, it will not be difficult. Those people find it difficult because they cannot let go of these things. Cultivation practice itself is not difficult, and neither is upgrading one's level itself difficult. It is because they cannot give up the human mind that they call it difficult." Let's work together, no matter whether you think that you are young or old. Then we can speed up and help more and more precious Chinese people learn the truth of Dafa.

November 20, 2002