(Clearwisdom.net) The 3-day health expo held in the new town of Vienna, Austria attracted a great number of visitors, who came to seek for ways to truly improve both their physical and mental health. Before the expo began, Falun Gong practitioners in Austria printed an advertisement in the most important newspaper in this state, announcing that Falun Gong would have a booth at the health expo. The Falun Gong booth set up by the practitioners was also very attractive. It was surrounded by flowers and display boards, and practitioners demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises in the middle. People who passed by the booth all felt the peaceful atmosphere. They accepted the Falun Dafa introductory materials and smiled at practitioners to express their gratitude. They also asked practitioners for information regarding the practice site and schedule. Some people heard of Falun Gong before and read media reports regarding the persecution encountered by practitioners in China. At this health expo, they had many of their questions answered and felt very happy. People passing by could also sit down, drank a cup of green tea that practitioners provided and read Falun Dafa books.

Many visitors had practiced various types of Qigong. They were surprised to learn that we teach the Falun Gong exercises free of charges. They told us that many Qigong classes held in Austria were quite expensive. A lady was amazed when she saw practitioners performing the 5th exercise, the sitting meditation. She told us that it would take a long time to achieve the stage that one could sit as straight as practitioners do if one follows her method to practice sitting meditation. While she was talking, a balloon exploded, startling her. Then she pointed at those practitioners who were practicing the exercises and said with astonishment that such a loud noise did not move them at all, indicating that the practitioners were able to achieve the very peaceful and serene state. Some people who had heard some bad words towards Falun Dafa before from other Qigong class had their misunderstandings and resentments cleared up. They even learned the Falun Gong exercises from practitioners on the spot. Hosts of other booths who had doubts on us on the first day of the expo started forwardly and friendly greeting to us on the second day. They also asked us for more information.

By the 3rd day, more than 14,000 people came to visit the health expo, far exceeding sponsors' expectation. We hope all visitors find the genuine way to improve their physical and mental health and have a wonderful future.