(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who has been forced to leave my home because of the persecution of Falun Gong. What follows is a letter I wrote during this year's Mid-Autumn Holiday. I am not able to send this letter to my own parents because of the persecution against Falun Dafa, so I have now sent it here, hoping that it will reach the relatives of all Dafa practitioners suffering from the persecution. I hope that all practitioners' relatives will be strong-willed, and will stand up to protect their loved ones. Please do not stand on the side of the evil. You all know that your loved ones are goodhearted.

One of the biggest tragedies in life is to be betrayed by one's own relatives. My relatives who are not Dafa practitioners may not well understand the meaning of Dafa cultivation, but when I was persecuted by the evil, they stood up on the side of justice to protect me. This helped me leave the Masanjia forced labor camp with righteous thoughts (by being bailed out for medical care). Later, I kept on clarifying the facts about Dafa to the public and suffered persecution again. Later I walked out of the detention station with righteous thoughts. Evil policemen wanted to sentence me to jail, so to avoid this, I left home and went to another city with the help of my relatives. It's hard to have to leave home this way, but it's much better than being tortured in the hell on earth that is China's forced labor camps and jails.

I hope all kind people who stand for justice will please give us a hand in stopping these ruthless abuses against kindness, and help to return the world to a peaceful lovely place to live.

Here now, is my letter:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Greetings to both of you!

On this special day when most families enjoy a reunion, as a girl who had to leave home to avoid being persecuted by people bent on doing evil, I really miss you and my hometown.

Due to the viciousness of the persecution, your daughter cannot come home. I have become homeless and I am forced to keep moving from place to place. I deeply understand the pains you suffer, missing your daughter, but at this moment, other families are suffering similar pains. So many seniors are suffering from the loss of their children, so many children are suffering from the loss of the love of their parents, and so many middle-aged people are suffering from the pains of losing their loved ones. Compared to them we are lucky, because at least your daughter is still alive, even though the last few times we met I had been tortured almost to death. Each time, through your care, I quickly recovered and rejoined the powerful current of Fa-rectification, full of energy.

My dearest Mom and Dad, the cruelest persecution against Dafa by Jiang's regime has lasted three years. I am sorry that because of me, you have grown grey hairs, and shed so many tears. It's painful for me to see this. The pains of separation, of tears, of calamities, of being humiliated, of being physically tortured, and of being mentally abused, all have been carved into my memory these last three years. In 1999, when Jiang's regime started to frame and slander Falun Dafa with the most hideous intentions, as a Dafa practitioner who has benefited so much from Dafa, who has a deep understanding of Dafa and it's founder, who has experienced and witnessed all the wonders of Dafa, how could I allow this evil ghost to defame my teacher, to attack Dafa, and to mislead all the people in the world in such a way? So on July 20, 1999, I bid farewell to you in order to expose the evils, to clarify the truth of Dafa to people, to save all those people who have been cheated by the lies. The powerful current of Fa-rectification is where I should be.

During the past three years, I suffered from the persecution just as many other Dafa practitioners did. In the Masanjia forced labor camp where the cruelest torture was applied to me, I was badly hurt both physically and mentally. I am proud that no matter how mean, insane, and shameless those evil police are they were not able to shake my belief in Dafa.

In facing the unbridled evil, I have been keeping up my practice of Dafa.

Our Teacher's words and your love have supported me. My dear Mom and Dad, whenever I was tortured, it is Teacher's great compassion, your love, and encouragement from relatives and fellow practitioners that have charged me with energy, and given me the power to endure those unbelievably hard days, to break through one difficulty after another. I have not been knocked down by the horrors done to me by others. Your love has paved the way for me. Dear parents, your daughter thanks you! Although I was born to be a seemingly weak girl, I have a kind heart. You have trained me to have a righteous and steadfast personality. Your kindness and righteousness have so deeply influenced me.

Under such brutal persecution by the evil, many Dafa practitioners lost their lives for the sake of the truth of Dafa and all the people in the world. Two of them were close friends of mine with whom I had worked with on the Fa-rectification road. Slaughterers will be punished soon enough. Dear Mom and Dad, I am most gratified for your kindness and righteousness, and your support of justice. Dear Dad, since the evil ran wild, you have had a deep concern for my safety, and didn't understand wholly what I have been doing.

During the Cultural Revolution, my grandpa was carried back home when he was close to death from torture, and then died at home. Didn't you appeal for justice for my grandpa? And mom was worried about your safety in those years also, but did you stop your efforts? So really, is what I'm doing right now so hard to understand? As the saying goes: "A teacher who taught you for one day should be just as respected as one's own father." To return the good reputation of our Teacher and Dafa, I will do just as you did. The wildness of evil people cannot stop me in promoting justice.

Dear Mom and Dad, I really hope to again be able to come home to be with you, to enjoy your love, and to show my deepest respect for all you have done for me. I believe Heaven's law that "good will be rewarded with good, and evil deeds will meet evil returns." Justice will overtake evil in the end. In order to help the many people who have been deceived learn the truth as soon as possible, I had to leave you, and to suffer the pains of separation from you. Though at this moment I cannot repay the love and care you've offered to me since childhood, you will one day understand that you have a daughter worth being proud of. You are great parents because you have instructed such a daughter.

I hope to return to you as soon as possible! I hope all good-hearted people will give a hand in stopping the ruthless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. I hope the day when the Fa has been rectified in this world comes as soon as possible!

Wishing all of you a happy Mid-Autumn Day!

Your daughter: Yin Yin

August 15, 2002 (by the Chinese lunar calendar)

Sept.21, 2002