Story 1

When a Dafa practitioner was posting truth-clarifying materials in a resident building, she encountered a resident who happened to be a policeman. The policeman said, "You must take these materials down, or I have to take you to the police station." At this moment, this Dafa practitioner held righteous thoughts in her heart, "I must save him." So she exposed the evil essence of Jiang's regime, and told him that offering salvation to people is one of the fundamental duties of Dafa practitioners. In the end, the policeman said, "OK, I won't arrest you. You can go now."

Story 2

An elder Dafa practitioner was illiterate but could read Zhuan Falun after practicing cultivation. The local policemen often tried to force her to write the "guarantee statement" to give up Falun Gong. Whenever this happened, she would write instead, "I will practice Falun Gong!" When the police slandered Teacher and Dafa, she practiced the exercises right in front of them. Facing such a steadfast heart, the police could do nothing. Each time when this Dafa practitioner went out to deliver truth-clarifying materials, she asked her son give her a ride on his bicycle.

Story 3

Local policemen had broken into an older Dafa practitioner's home and dragged him into a police car. There, this Dafa practitioner firmly sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions behind the persecution. No matter how viciously the policemen kicked him, his palm remained erect to send forth righteous thoughts. After they arrived at the police station, the police threatened him with forced labor camp unless he gave a written statement to give up Falun Gong. But the Dafa practitioner said resolutely and decisively, "I'd never do this!" Although his arm was swollen and bruised from where the policemen had kicked him, he still persisted in sending forth righteous thoughts. Such a stalemate lasted for over one hour. The policemen couldn't help but say in the end, "We give up, tidy up your belongings and then go. We won't send you to forced labor camp."

Story 4

When one Dafa practitioner was on his way to deliver truth-clarifying materials, a group of policemen followed this practitioner. The police officers stared at the package containing these materials. He said to them firmly, "Stop looking at me. Even if there was something in my bag, you don't have a search warrant." The policemen didn't know what to say and left the scene.

November 23, 2002