The following is the record of a conversation between a Falun Gong practitioner in America and a policeman in China.

Policeman: Hi, how are you?

Practitioner: Hello, how are you. I saw that the vicious things you are doing to Falun Gong practitioners have been published on the Internet. I feel that you do not know the truth, so I would like to chat with you.

Policeman: Where are you from?

Practitioner: I am a Falun Gong practitioner in America. China has blocked all the foreign media. I want to tell you the truth. For instance, the reported "Self-Immolation on Tiananmen Square" was a staged event. If you play CCTV's (the Chinese Central Government's official TV station) video in slow motion, you will discover that Liu Chunling did not die because of self-immolation...

Policeman: How do you address your teacher?

Practitioner: I call him Teacher.

Policeman: Do you have your Teacher's articles?

Practitioner: What?

Policeman: The new articles, do you have them?

Practitioner: Oh, new articles? Yes, yes. Please wait a minute, I will find them--please do not hang up the phone.

Policeman: When were these published?

Practitioner: Recently, 6 poems written by Teacher were published. Wait a minute, wait a minute. (I heard the sounds of picking up paper and a pen.) I will recite them for you. (I read the poems word by word and he recorded them word by word.)

Practitioner: Teacher wrote this article on Dec 30, 2001. There are more poems. I will read them to you.

Policeman: That's fine. No need to read more. I need to learn them paragraph by paragraph. Right? Are you studying your Teacher's articles?

Practitioner: Yes, I am learning them.

Policeman: Where did your Teacher present this article?

Practitioner: This was published on the Internet; all of Teacher's new articles are published on the Internet.

Policeman: I am learning now.

Practitioner: This is great. I guarantee that it is good for you. From now on, please remember to treat Falun Gong practitioners with kindness. I will let you listen to a portion of the Dafa exercise music; it has both Chinese and English.

After I had played the exercise music for less than a minute, the line was disconnected by other police officers tapping the line. This kind of thing happens all the time. When I called him back, he said, "I am learning now." This sentence was from the bottom of his heart.

Nov 12, 2002