Liu Xiaolian, female, 61, is from the Town of Chibi in Chibi City, Hubei Province. In December of 2000, when she went to Beijing to validate Dafa, she was arrested and sent to Harbin. She was deprived of drinking water for 9 days there, and police agents trampled her back with their heavy boots. After she was sent back to Chibi City, she was sentenced to 15 days and not released at the end of the detention term. She was then thrown into a jailhouse and was severely beaten up by the villainous guard Ye Jun. He kicked the lower part of her body with boots and consequently, that part of her body has remained swollen for more than two years. Her internal organs were severely damaged by his kicking. She vomited blood and had blood in her stool, the first time lasting one month and a second time for more than two weeks. On the way to the hospital, the villainous guards still put her hands in handcuffs. They put them on underneath her sleeves so that they could continue to torture her by squeezing the handcuffs tighter and tighter. It became so painful that Liu Xiaolian had to cry out. For two years, Liu Xiaolian never had a good night's sleep, but she still kept studying the Fa and practicing the exercises without skipping a day. She was released only after she went on a hunger and water strike.

During Liu Xiaolian's interrogation sessions in the jailhouse, Ye Jun from Political Security Section beat her 3 times. She was forced to kneel down on the ground for half a day and her eyes were struck blind. She could not even walk, sit down, eat, move, or get up due to the severe beatings. Some times she was so heavily pummelled that she fainted into unconsciousness. One time after a round of malicious beatings, while on the way back to her cell, she collapsed on the ground and fell unconscious. She was knocked unconscious several times while locked in the jailhouse. One time, police agents carried her on a stretcher to a health clinic for women and children to receive an injection. They demanded the doctor to give her a shot of the drug of their choice. They ordered, "Inject this medication and do as we tell you." The doctor refused to do so and responded: "Don't persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They are all good people." After the agents were rebuked, they then carried Liu to another hospital for the shot. After the shot, she again had blood in her stool. Internal sources said that the injections she received were poisonous. Ever since the persecution against her started, she has often been unable to eat food. Liu Xiaolian was detained for one year and 8 months. When she was released, her family had to carry her back home on a stretcher. At home, she was still closely monitored. There were agents coming to her home to harass her and tell her that she was not allowed to meet any guests, not even her own relatives. They threatened to arrest her again if she did not comply. After being released, her eyesight got better. Later, she was arrested again because she was clarifying the truth about Falun Gong outside her house.

Huang Cengxiu, Female, 68, is from Chibi City of Hubei Province. Since July 20, 1999 she was arrested 4 times and detained for almost 2 years. She was interrogated many times. They wanted her to tell the names of her fellow practitioners. At first, she was forced to kneel down and walk in this kneeling position. At the second interrogation session Ye Jun yelled, "Today, we get out all the torturing instruments. If you don't tell us the names of your fellow practitioners, we will not let you eat or sleep." Her face was severely beaten black and blue all over and her lips were bleeding. Later, the villain handcuffed her left hand to a window bar as high as her other hand could reach and ordered her to kneel down. Only after the head of the prison entered the interrogation room twice did he let her go. After she was arrested the last time while sitting cross-legged inside Jiyu Police Station, the villain pulled her left leg out and stepped on her right ankle with his boot heel. Later at interrogation, they kicked her again with their heavy boots. Her right leg was swollen for weeks.

The Involved Criminal Agents are:

Cai Jinping (Chief of Political Security Section)

Ye Jun (Originally a police agent, now working with Xialiushan Town Police Station)

Liu Guoping (Police agent with Chibi Town Police Station)