(Clearwisdom.net) On June 15, 2002, Dafa disciples Ms.Tang Jianhua and Ms.Wang Dongyun of Xiangfan City, Hubei Province were arrested while distributing Dafa truth-explaining materials in the suburb of Xiangfan City. Police tortured Tang Jianhua. Her right eye turned dark purple in color. The practitioners were both sent to Xiangfan's Second Detention Center. The detention center refused to take Tang Jianhua since she had wounds all over her face. On July 1, Tang Jianhua went to the Zhongyuan Police Station to ask for the return of 20,000 Yuan, her personal savings, which the police had confiscated. The police officers were furious and sent her to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp for two years without observation of any legal procedures. Under this extremely high stress, Tang Jianhua's heart problem recurred and she was released on probation for medical reasons.

Around New Year's Day of 2002, the police broke into her home, gaining access through the windows, illegally arrested her and sent her to the Xiangfan Forced Labor Camp. She refused to eat and drink for nine days and was sent back home. In April of the same year, some vicious people tipped off the police while she was posting Dafa truth-explaining materials. She was again illegally arrested and sent to the Xiangfan's Second Detention Center. This practitioner went on a 24-day hunger strike and eventually walked out of the detention center with dignity. The police had force-fed her by inserting tubes into her stomach.

The other Dafa disciple, Wang Dongyun, staged a hunger strike for more than 20 days in the Second Detention Center, and was also force-fed through a tube. She was forced to wear "reverse" handcuffs and shackles. The police ordered other inmates to monitor her in two shifts, 24 hours a day. One night, the police knocked an inmate's head against a wall in order to force that inmate to torture Wang Dongyun. Ms. Wang suffered all kinds of abuses and tortures in the detention center. The authorities sent her to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp when she was on the 24th day of the hunger strike and had become very weak. She was released for health reasons. Later on, unfortunately, police broke into her home and kidnapped Wang Dongyun, who had barely recovered, and took her to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp on July 30, 2002. No further details are available at this time.

November 18, 2002