November 17, 2002


1. Leaving Truth-clarifying Materials in Restaurants

One evening my husband and I went out to dinner. As soon as we sat down at a table, I took out some Dafa truth-clarifying materials. My husband saw this and got agitated: "What are you doing? Put that away quickly."

I smiled and didn't say anything -- I just started to send forth righteous thoughts with a pure mind. It appeared as if nothing had happened. After dinner, I took out the truth-clarifying materials again. My husband changed his tone: "Put some over there."

At that time, there were over ten people in the restaurant. When we stepped out the door, they started to read the materials. I looked over at them and saw that they were smiling at me.

By a Dafa practitioner in China: Li Xinyu

November 3, 2002

2. Meeting a Fellow Practitioner

A male Dafa practitioner came across a lady about 70 years old when he was traveling on a long-distance bus from Chaoyang City in Liaoning Province. He asked the way from her and then told her that he practiced Falun Gong. Upon hearing that, the old lady, with tears in her eyes, took the practitioner in her arms and said: "Fellow practitioner! I am a Dafa practitioner, too. I have been forced to leave home and wander about. I have to collect odds and ends from refuse heaps to make a living."

The old lady also told him that even under such hard conditions, she still managed to contribute 200 Yuan towards making Dafa truth-clarifying materials every month. This male practitioner was very touched and wanted to give her 400 Yuan, but she wouldn't take the money no matter what he said.