A total of 15 Dafa practitioners who were kidnapped by the Third Detention Center in Changchun City of Jilin Province are being detained in Cell #305. In particular, the female practitioners among them have all been sent to the Heizuizi Prison.

On September 18, the Economic Development District Court held a show trial for 5 practitioners, Ma Yechi, Liu Yaqian, Li Zhixiu, Jiang Tao and Wu Danfeng. The judgment has not been finalized yet.

Practitioner Xiang Xiaomin has been illegally sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment, and Song Li was sentenced to 6 years.

Zhang Guifeng was given a show trial in the Zhaoyang District Court but the judgment has not been finalized yet.

Liu Xiuer, Zhang Liping, Wang Liping, Wang Shuqin and Zhang Fan have been called to court and are waiting for their trials.

Other practitioners being illegally detained include: Lan Lihua, Zhao Aiguo, Li Xiaoguang, Wang Li, Liu Jing, Ma Guoling, Xu Hongbo, Hu Jie, Jiang Chunxian, Zhang Yufen, Li Shuli, Wang Yuling, Yan Huawei, Sun Jian, Sun Shuxiang.

Xing Guiling has been appealing through a hunger strike since she was arrested and taken to a detention center on October 24. She suffered from serious heart problems and was taken out of the detention center on November 1. It was said that she had been sent to the hospital, but her whereabouts are unknown currently.

Dafa practitioner Liu Haixiao, an engineer who worked at Shuangyang Telecommunications, was illegally detained on November 7. He was fired and forced into homelessness because he practices Dafa. His wife Zhao was a teacher and also fired because she practiced Dafa. Recently, Zhao was arrested, and the police tortured her brutally, trying to force her to tell them where her husband is. In the process, her body received severe burns.