November 20, 2002


Zhu Changming, a former Falun Gong group practice assistant at Donggang City, Liaoning Province, his wife Liu Mei, his brother-in-law Liu Zhiyun, and another Dafa practitioner Guo Yunlan were illegally arrested on April 9, 2002. They were not allowed to sit down in the police van as it traveled to the station. The police van was moving at high speed when the driver suddenly braked to avoid an obstacle in the road. Liu Mei was thrown to the front, hit her head and lost consciousness. At the police station she was barely able to get out of the van, even with assistance. The next day Liu Mei had a headache, severe pain in her arms, legs, and pelvis, and was still extremely shaken. But for the next two days she was threatened, beaten and cursed by the First Department of the Dandong Police Department. Her husband Zhu Changming was hung up and beaten by the Criminal Police Team of Donggang City for six days. Both husband and wife were sentenced to thirteen years in prison and deprived of their political rights for two years. They were sent to Dabei Jail in Liaoning Province on September 17.

Liu Mei was sent back to the Donggang Detention Center because of ill effects from the torture, which included a high fever from a lung problem. She is still being tortured there. Guo Yunlan is also under detention at Donggang, even though her blood pressure is very high. Another six Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained at the Donggang Detention Center simply because their names were found on the Internet. As an excuse for their arrests, the police said that extra security was needed during the Sixteenth Party Congress.

Dafa practitioners Zhang Wei and Wang Shu'e were kidnapped and sent to the Donggang Detention Center for distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials. They have been on a hunger strike since August 1, more than seventy days, and their lives hang by a thread. They have been put on oxygen and intravenous drips in the Donggang City Hospital.

We hope human rights organizations and all righteous people around the world will help to rescue them immediately. We also hope that all practitioners around the world will send forth righteous thoughts to help them.