November 18, 2002


"We Stand by Dafa Practitioners"

There was a lady who, upon receiving truth-clarifying materials from Dafa practitioners, would read them carefully. She developed a good understanding of Dafa. Despite living in hardship herself, she contributed 50 Yuan and prepared some clothing to give to Dafa practitioners in prison. She said, "My capability is very limited, all I have is my heart, please tell the Dafa practitioners being persecuted that there are many people like me who stand by Dafa practitioners; please tell the Dafa practitioners in prison that they are not alone."

"I am a Dafa Practitioner"

A few days ago, a tractor loaded with live chickens rolled into a river by a village. All the people on the tractor were injured. The villagers, when they saw the incident, were only concerned about running out to grab the chickens. Within 10 minutes, all the chickens in the fully loaded tractor were stolen away by the villagers. After the event, township police station sent police to search for the chickens door by door. If one of the chickens were found in a family, the family would be fined 200 Yuan. They came to a Dafa practitioner's home and asked, "Did you grab any chickens?" The Dafa practitioner quickly said, "Don't you know that I am a Dafa practitioner? We Dafa practitioners never ever take other people's belongings; we only do good deeds; ..." Even before he had finished talking, the police smiled and walked away.

"An Honorable Sister"

There is a Christian lady in a township, who is very pious and has a benevolent heart. She saw that Falun Gong being persecuted by the evil was very similar to the persecution of Christians two thousand years ago. She sympathized with Dafa practitioners in her heart and she always felt that Master Li had come to save people. Every time she talked about Falun Gong with others, she would always advise others not to believe the propaganda. She said, "Dafa practitioners would not even hurt small animals, how could they kill people? All those are frame-ups made by the Party." Others advised her, "Don't talk like that, be careful because the public security bureau will arrest you." She said, "There is nothing to be afraid of, I am only telling the truth."

She took the initiative to take in Dafa practitioners who are living on the street [after being forced to leave their homes to avoid persecution and illegal arrest], and gave them the best room in her home. She took out her new quilts for them to use and washed their quilts; she frequently told the Dafa practitioners, "In my home don't be too polite, make yourselves at home."