November 14, 2002


I was overcome with sadness when I heard the news that 30-year-old Dafa practitioner Zhi Guixiang had been tortured to death. She was so kind and beautiful. Her smile still appears in my mind from time to time as if she were right in front of my eyes. Due to her steadfast faith and persistence in practicing Falun Dafa, she was placed in a detention centers three times, once for 13 days, another time for 18 days, and yet again for 25 days. She endured all this with righteous thoughts. While going through many tests, she simply believed that the key was to "Hold righteous thoughts and move forward." She always thought of others and hence when she clarified the facts about Falun Dafa, she was always very patient and compassionate. It was hard to believe that she was tortured to death in just twelve days.

On July 17, 2002, the Public Security Bureau of Luyuan District arrested Guixiang. Police used all sorts of torture instruments to try to force her to tell them other practitioners' names and addresses. Although Guixiang was physically weak, she was very strong-willed. Guixiang had "forged an adamantine will" (Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions,") through cultivation and didn't yield to the evil. She was later sent to the No. 3 Detention Center of Changchun City when she was extremely weak after being tortured by the police. At that time, she was not able to sit up straight or eat. The detention center should not have held a person in such a physical condition, but should have sent her to a hospital for emergency treatment. The No. 3 Detention Center, however, does not apply any lawful and humane measures to Dafa practitioners. They will detain a practitioner as long as he or she is still breathing. They still force-fed Guixiang and tortured her in spite of her physical condition. They cuffed and shackled Guixiang and confined her in a solitary cell. They didn't send her to a hospital until she was very close to death. At the hospital, Guixiang died before she was taken to the ward.

Two days before Guixiang's death, a policeman with the last name of Zhu from the Public Security Bureau of Luyuan District went to Guixiang's home to find out what her family members do for a living. He didn't mention Guixiang's critical condition. The purpose of his visit was to find out if Guixiang's family had some influential social connections before deciding what to do with her. Two days later, Guixiang passed away. The Public Security Bureau of Luyuan District went so far as to cremate Guixiang's body without informing her family. Zhu signed the paper in the place of Guixiang's family members. When Guixiang's parents went to the Public Security Bureau of Luyuan District and asked about their daughter, Zhu deceitfully claimed that Guixiang escaped. He further threatened that if they did not leave, he would arrest their second daughter, who is also a Dafa practitioner.

Later, Guixiang's parents checked the records at the crematory and found the paper work for cremating Guixiang's body, as well as Zhu's signature. This was a blatant violation of her most basic human rights.

Yet another Dafa practitioner has been tortured to death and the murderers are still at large. Human laws should not tolerate such horrible acts. Heaven's laws certainly will not allow such bad deeds to go unnoticed - evil deeds will be met with karmic retribution.