November 11, 2002

( I had only seen our benevolent and great Teacher on videotapes and pictures. I have never seen him in person, but Teacher is always with us.

I have seen our benevolent Teacher at home or in the homes of fellow practitioners. He has always appeared to me as a magnificent Buddha, sitting on large lotus flower. Sometimes when I walk in the street, or when I look outside the window, I see Teacher's magnificent image on levels upon levels of cosmic bodies. Teacher has countless Fa-guardian gods standing next to him. They are extremely majestic.

I obtained the Fa when I was three years old. I began by listening to Teacher's Fa lecture in Jinan City. Later, when I listened to the Fa, scenes constantly appeared in front of my eyes. I saw Teacher's Law Body giving Fa lectures to beings on many levels and I also saw countless large Falun spinning around. In May 2001, I started to send forth righteous thoughts with fellow practitioners according to Teacher's requirement, and we began the battle against the evil. There were a great number of evil beings who stood in formation, held flags and beat drums as they launched attacks against us. Some of them were animals, some were skeletons, some were aliens and some were in human form. They were of various sizes. Some were the size of human beings, some the size of a building, some the size of a mountain, and some the size of the earth. Since I go to school during the day, I would send forth righteous thoughts at noon and in the evening. The first time I sent forth righteous thoughts in the morning I sat for half an hour.

One night while I was sitting in my bed sending forth righteous thoughts, Teacher came and said to me, "You can go up now." I saw myself in another dimension, flying upwards in a small boat at a speed faster than light. As I passed through many levels of universes, Wan symbols [srivatsa] appeared on my body. As I continued to fly up, more Wan symbols emerged. After passing through many levels of universes, I passed out of one cosmos. After passing through many universes, I passed through the second cosmos. After passing through three or four cosmos', a door opened and a lotus flower flew toward me. When I stepped onto the lotus flower, the boat disappeared. I entered through the door and saw an immense world. I saw many fellow practitioners and many Buddhas, Daos and Gods sitting on large lotus flowers, listening to Teacher giving a Fa lecture. The great Buddhas displayed many Wan symbols on their bodies, and the great Daos had many Taichi images on their bodies. After Teacher finished the Fa lecture, I came back.

From that day on, daily I studied the Fa, did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts.

In another dimension, I saw myself flying upward in a lotus flower. I flew through tens and hundreds of cosmos', and then, thousands and thousands of cosmos'. I eliminated the evil forces, the evil demon kings and the evil red dragons on various levels. Later, I flew through more and more levels of cosmos', up to hundreds of millions and beyond. One day, I flew out of a cosmos and thought I had flown out of the final universe, for I saw nothing but Teacher's magnificent gong body. When I looked down, I saw levels of cosmic bodies. I flew upward for a long time and saw nothing, so I returned. The next day, after I did the exercises, I found that far outside the cosmos I had exited was another cosmos. Two or three days later, I eliminated the evil as I flew upward, and I realized the place where I was after passing through countless cosmos' was empty. I don't know the name of the place I was in, but this cosmic system was different from the previous cosmos. It is so enormously huge that it cannot be calculated with numbers in the billions or even trillions. On the third day I looked up and saw an even greater cosmos. When I looked at the cosmic system from the cosmos above, it looked like a speck of dust. As I continued to go up, I passed countless universes and another cosmos, and many universes and yet another cosmos. I passed through an increasing number of cosmos' day after day, and I saw a portion of evil beings protected by the old forces on every level. Many beings used to be gods, but they had degenerated and became demons that interfere with the Fa. They can do serious damage for they have greater powers than demons, and they manipulate evil demons and rotten spirits to damage Dafa. By eliminating them every day, fellow practitioners and I continuously improved and elevated. We went beyond all time and space. Later, I passed through billions of billions of cosmic systems until I lost track of the numbers. I only felt that I went up very high.

One day, I flew out of the last cosmic system. At night, I sat on a chair and felt my body was light as if my body was going to float up. My mind was empty. There is a large crust outside every cosmic system, around which are Teacher's Fashen. The next day I continued to fly up when I did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts, and saw an even greater cosmos above. Within this cosmos were countless cosmic systems like the ones I had flown out of. In order to distinguish between this cosmos and those I mentioned previously, I will call this greater cosmos the "large cosmos." After passing through countless large cosmos', I saw Wan symbols in every pore of my body. My body was indescribably gigantic and I saw that all evils were destroyed as soon as they touched a pore on my skin.

The beings in any cosmos are hugely different. Some worlds have Buddhas, while others have Daos, and in some other worlds there are various kinds of Gods that I can't name. They are so magnificent that they are simply beyond the description of human words, as is the complexity of life. Let me give you a few examples. In one world, the whole world is a large lotus flower, and all beings inside the large lotus flower are small lotus flowers. There are countless other large lotus flowers outside this one, and beyond them there is a layer of even bigger lotus flowers, and further out there are countless even larger lotus flowers and so on. In some worlds, the great Buddhas have heads upon heads, and countless heads piled up like a mountain. In some worlds, the beings are invisible. The Buddhas, Daos and Gods on high levels of cosmos are unimaginably young, and some look like children, except they are countless times more beautiful than children. When Dafa practitioners came down, they reincarnated on many different levels and formed relationships with beings on each. When I flew upward and eliminated the evil on different levels, I knew all the beings there, including the evil beings I eliminated.

After passing through countless levels of large cosmos', another empty space appeared. When I flew up even higher and looked back, the cosmos I had just passed was still a speck of dust. I was amazed by the infinity of the cosmos. At this time I had no concept of earth in my mind. At that place, I had to use what Teacher Zhuan Falun called the "compound eye," the countless tiny eyes inside a large eye, to look at earth. One would not want to look at earth at that level, though, for beings on that level see the earth as infinitely filthier than a pile of feces. I continued to study the Fa, to do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts every day. Sometimes I also went out to clarify the truth. I flew up to an even higher cosmos, and the Buddhas, Daos and Gods all have a golden Falun on their bodies. After passing yet a larger cosmic system, greater than "the large cosmic system," I saw beings there that have two Falun on their bodies. (I can only call it large cosmic system, for once I asked Teacher the name of the place after passing through countless cosmic systems, Teacher said, "You don't have to know, just cultivate well." I don't know what places I have been to. In order to distinguish, I can only name them as such. Since I only saw limited dimensions in this infinite cosmos, and only Teacher's words are the true Fa). As I continued to go up, the number of Falun increased and there was another empty space after countless greater systems. After that there were even greater cosmic systems, and after passing through these even greater systems, there were still empty spaces and so on so forth. As I ascended further, no words are appropriate to describe what I saw. The beings there are even more magnificent and wonderful. A great Buddha's world is composed of countless particles, and each one of the particles is a world in itself, in which a great Buddha sits. This particle world is also composed of slightly smaller, countless particles, and so on and so forth. Going upward further, the Gods have more and more Falun on their body until they have Falun on every skin pore.


The above is what a young practitioner had seen as he followed Teacher to rectify the Fa. There have also been many magnificent scenes of elimination of evils, which we will not talk about here.

Young practitioners have their peculiar way of cultivating, and as this practitioner is very young, it's likely that his (her) description is not thorough or accurate, but the story more or less tells the magnificence and greatness of Falun Buddha Fa in a vivid manner, at this person's present level of understanding, as well as some partial facts in Fa-rectification; but, as Teacher Li reminds us frequently, no sentient being will ever know the true magnificence of the Fa; they are not allowed to know.

We hope practitioners will study the Fa well, pay attention to truth clarification and sending forth righteous thoughts.

Fellow practitioners, please benevolently point out anything inappropriate.