Assess Practitioners on an Overall Basis; Criticize Specific Issues, Not the Person

The success of a task is closely related to the cultivation state of the practitioner who undertakes the task, but this should not be taken as an exact indication of how well the person has cultivated. On the other hand, if a task is not properly done, we cannot conclude that the practitioner has not cultivated well. We should assess the person on an overall basis.

When we discuss how to improve the ways of doing a task, if we focus on the shortcomings of the other person or even get indignant with him, we only prove that we are in the same state as non-practitioners.

Respect Each Other

Divine beings respect each other, regardless of the differences in the Fa principles they have enlightened to, or their different levels. We should treat fellow practitioners with respect, so that we will not be limited to our own concepts, sentiments, and selfishness. We should think of others with compassion in everything we do, and look for the good sides of others. The firmness of fellow practitioners to Dafa and their sense of responsibility to the sentient beings should touch us and help us find our own shortcomings. This way, we can encourage each other and improve together.

Share Experiences with Fellow Practitioners without Attachment

The old forces always intend to change others, but refuse to change themselves. If during experience sharing we always want to convince others, then our motives are not pure. It proves that we are not cultivating ourselves. The result will be less effective.

Predestined Relationship and Attachment

Practitioners who work together have great predestined relationships. Surely we all have attachments that should be discarded. Why can't we take advantage of the environment and get rid of the attachments? We can't return to Heaven with even a bit of selfishness.

Tone and Compassion

Teacher said: "Shan is the manifestation of the nature of the universe at different levels and in different dimensions. It is also the fundamental nature of Great Enlightened Beings."("A Brief Explanation of Shan," Essentials for Further Advancement) When a practitioner treats others with compassion, the tone he or she uses will sound compassionate. Even though we may appear serious, our inner mind is not disturbed, but remains calm as we think of others with pure thoughts. Care is revealed in the eyes. Treating others properly, we can eliminate the problem and even the hostility from the other side. Even if there is disagreement, there won't be any anger. On the contrary, if there is no compassion but only personal sentiment, it is not easy for people to accept what we say, even though our words may sound reasonable.