(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2002, Ukraine Dafa practitioners were invited to attend an international forum entitled, "Biological Energy and Human Health" to be held on November 1-3 in Yalta on the Crimean Peninsula on the north side of the Black Sea.

Several Dafa practitioners from two cities in Ukraine prepared speeches and truth-clarifying information and materials. After arriving in Yalta, we learned that we were the only guests.

We felt quite disappointed because we had expected to attend a large-scale meeting, as the invitation said that the media, government organizations and medical experts would attend the meeting. We had thought there would be many people, but only few people showed up in the meeting hall on the first day. Some practitioners felt that it was unnecessary to make a speech. But we all realized that we should not be affected by all this; it would make no difference in what we should do, even if there was only one person listening to us introducing Falun Dafa.

We also understood that it was not accidental for us to come here. Since we had never come here before, we should take this good opportunity to clarify the truth and introduce Falun Dafa. It is our mission.

We decided to make speeches and demonstrate the exercises, which turned out to be very successful. The audience showed great interest in the principles of Falun Dafa and the gentle exercises.

One person looked at our display boards and then asked us to help him. He said he was leading a difficult life, and he used to go to churches to seek spiritual help. He also said that he needed a teacher to guide him. A practitioner introduced Falun Dafa to him and gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun.

The next morning, we did the exercises at the beach. The weather was fine, with warm wind blowing in from the sea and waves gently splashing against the shore. People who were taking a walk along the beach saw us doing the exercises gracefully accompanied by the music, and they approached us to ask for more information. The practitioners introduced them to Falun Dafa and gave them truth-clarifying materials.

An older gentleman said, "After listening to what you said, I know this is what I want." Another young man had conversations with us during the two days and learned the exercises from us. Both of them wanted to read Falun Gong.

An older man who came from Kalininggrad said to us after observing us for two days, "I watched a program one year ago in Kiev about the incident in China. It said Falun Dafa was not good. Since then, I thought you were bad people. Now I know that you are a group of people who are extremely good." He smiled at us with sincerity.

A woman lost a loved one and was deeply grieving. After she learned of Falun Dafa, she said that it was the first time she smiled for a very long time. She joined the practitioners to do the exercises.

One local person said, "While you are doing the exercises, I feel the whole city becomes brighter. I have never had such feelings before!"

A retired air force captain showed great interest in Falun Gong. He said he wanted to learn Dafa and asked us to mail a copy of Falun Dafa (a bound edition of Zhuan Falun and The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa) to him.

On the last day we met someone who showed great interest. After listening to our introduction of Falun Gong, he expressed that he wanted to help us hold a Falun Gong seminar in Yalta.

For both the people of Yalta and we practitioners, this experience has definitely been a heart-warming autumn.