November 2002

( At present, police officers have become very polite when they knock on practitioners' doors. They have started to accept and understand the truth about the persecution. The relatively eviler people, such as heads of workplaces, heads of security and so on, have become relatively nicer and more considerate compared with before. Regardless of whether we clarify the truth at a superficial level or a deep level, they have begun to accept it.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, we should pay attention to the substances changing in other dimensions, rather than focusing on things at the human level. Although some workplace heads require Falun Gong practitioners to write letters to promise not practice Falun Gong any more, they don't continue to insist if practitioners solemnly reject the letters.

Let's continue to send forth righteous thoughts and clean out the evil elements until the period when the Fa rectifies the human world.