November 8, 2002


Falun Dafa practitioners are being mentally and physically tortured at the Hebei Provincial Brainwashing Center. All the practitioners detained at this location were subjected to at least 3 months of torture and fines from 6000 Yuan [Chinese currency, an average Chinese urban worker's monthly income is about 500 Yuan] up to 10,000 Yuan. Even their families were extorted for money. The officials would not release any practitioners unless they were first bribed. Since the establishment of the brainwashing center in August 2001, 250 practitioners have been sent there to be tortured.

The center is managed by the Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province and headed by the Associate Director of the Bureau, Guo Suoshan. The various department heads are responsible for carrying out the persecution. The most vicious among them are Kong Fanyun, Chen Ling, and Yuan Shuqian, who are assisted by many male and female police officers.

The practitioners who "enlightened" along an evil path and turned against Dafa did so under tremendous pressure. The vast majority of them have seen the true face of the evil persecution, issued solemn declarations to renounce their incorrect words and actions, and rejoined the process of Fa-rectification. Some practitioners also walked out of the brainwashing center with righteous thoughts. The police responded by setting up electric wires, broken glass and monitoring apparatus, and changing security guards. They secretly sent home the practitioners that they knew would never yield. Those who once gave in gradually awakened, but they were forced to abandon their homes to avoid further harassment and persecution from the police. The authorities arbitrarily extended some practitioners' terms. For example, Feng Yi, a university professor from Hebei University of Economics and Trade, was not released even after her three-month term was up. She has been held there for over 5 months now, and her employer has already paid a fine of 10,000 Yuan. Another practitioner Du Yanzun has been held for over 6 months, and her employer has also been forced to pay 10,000 Yuan in fines. The police constantly followed those that they considered to be "key" practitioners, severely limiting their freedom. Practitioner Wang Bo was released after his term had been arbitrarily extended for over a year. When he was released and resumed school in the Central Music Conservatory, the authorities had staff from the conservatory follow him. During the seven-day National Day holiday in October, she was placed under arrest at the brainwashing center and not allowed to leave.

However, the perpetrators are paying for their deeds. A female policeman named Cui is terminally ill, suffering terribly and dependant on expensive medication to keep her alive. She still doesn't show repentance and continues to persecute the practitioners at the brainwashing center. Another major perpetrator, Kong Fanyun, suddenly fell ill to heart disease and needed emergency treatment. Chen Ling, who was responsible for searching the practitioners' cells, encountered kidney problems and had to leave the center. Zhou, the associate director, disappeared for about a month. It turned out that he was under some kind of medical treatment. According to reliable sources, other policemen including Guo, Liang, Han, Yuan and Li have also fallen ill. A female policeman Wang is experiencing blood in her stool. The authorities are doing all they can to prevent information from leaving the brainwashing center. They don't want people to know that they are receiving karmic retribution from committing wrongdoings.

Heavenly principles will ultimately deal out justice. Zhao Qingxiang, the deputy chief of the Penghou Street Police Station, died suddenly last year. It was discovered that his internal organs were in a state of decay at the time of his death. It had a great impact inside the public security bureau. We hope the policemen will wake up soon and cease their abuse of Falun Gong practitioners.

Guo Suoshan, Associate Chief of the Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau and the Director of Hebei Provincial Brainwashing Center can be reached at:

86-311-7026911-3859 (Office), 96777-3011 (Pager)

Other leaders of the Public Security Bureau:


86-311-7026911, extension 3001, 3352, 3828, 3731, 3006, 3735, 3895, 3820, 3893, 3890.