November 17, 2002

( Prior to the Dragon Boat Festival, several fellow practitioners and I decided to have Falun Dafa truth clarification banners appear all over the tourist attraction sites in our county, so tens of thousands of tourists would learn the truth about Dafa. I grew up in this area so I am familiar with the mountainous terrain. Eventually I decided to go with a fellow practitioner around 60 years of age.

At dusk on the day before the festival, we brought 60 banners, over 100 flyers and some stickers with Fa-rectification words printed on them and began the trip. We took the shortcut, a rugged mountain path, and arrived at the main path that leads to the main peak. The pine trees and cypress trees were ideal for hanging the banners we put up as we climbed up the mountain. The amazing thing was that we felt as if we were walking on a level road. Before we knew it, we had put up all 60 banners. Looking up we realized we were almost at the mountaintop and saw the temple at the peak. We walked toward the temple. Surprisingly, our bodies felt light and we felt no fatigue. Quickly, we posted the stickers with printed Fa-rectification words on walls surrounding the temple. The cold night wind blew across the mountain but we didn't feel cold. We only had one thought, "No wind is cold enough to deter a Dafa practitioner."

We had to make another decision: how do we make our way down? I discussed this with the fellow practitioner and decided to take another path off the mountain, by taking the path on the south side. Thick tree branches, thorns and rocks accompanied us. We often stumbled to the ground, helping each up and moved on, until we finally got to the base of the mountain. When we looked back up, we were surprised to see that the main peak was so high and steep! The incredible thing was that I was not even slightly hurt although I fell many times. My leg that was formerly injured was cured! Before I went on this trip, my injured leg felt very painful. Now I could walk freely.

Trouble free, we were set to return. On our way back, we put truth clarification flyers on electricity poles and we left flyers at peasants' homes. We distributed flyers as we walked and did not feel tired at all. Before dawn, we finished distributing all of the truth clarification materials.

Many people went to the mountain during the festival. Later people said, "Today there were flowers on the mountain; Falun Gong banners were all over the place. They look so beautiful with their yellow background and red writing on the green trees." "Today so many people went to the mountain. People were all over the mountain and were so crowded. There were at least several tens of thousands of people. Everyone noticed the Falun Gong banners." One woman said to a fellow practitioner, "Falun Gong practitioners are great! How did they go up the mountain in the middle of the night? Today, I went only halfway up and it took me half a day, and I could not make it to the top. I really admire Falun Gong practitioners."

I deeply felt Dafa's power and Master's benevolence after hearing these comments. Everything we did was actually done by Master. I felt the profundity of the meaning of "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities."

Prior to obtaining the Fa, since my childhood I was afflicted with a disease. In 1997, the disease worsened but I obtained the Fa when I was about to die. Previously I was a sick person but now I am a very healthy person. The power of Dafa made it possible that I could walk so far and long on a mountain path to clarify the truth.