(Clearwisdom.net) On September 10, 2002, several policemen forcefully took away 60-year-old Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Xiangzhen from her home and kidnapped her to Tanghe County Custody Center. Policemen Cui Hanlin, Shi Juyong and others participated in the abduction.

Yang Xiangzhen had gone to appeal in Beijing in June 2000. After being arrested and sent back to Tanghe County, she was illegally detained for one month at Tanghe County Custody Center. Then she was transferred to Tanghe Detention Center for another one-and-a-half years of illegal imprisonment. During the detention period, she was fed only one bowl of thin porridge for breakfast and one bowl of noodle soup for lunch and supper each day. (The noodles had been taken out of the soup to feed fish, so only the broth was left for her and other Dafa practitioners.) She received no steamed buns, and was starved until she became terribly thin. Despite this treatment, she was still required to pay 18 Yuan every day for boarding. In November 2001, Yang Xiangzhen went on a hunger strike to protest, putting her life in danger. Afraid to take the responsibility for her health and life, the police sent her to Zhengzhou City for forced labor "re-education." The labor camp rejected her and told her family to take her back. When she had just recovered, in September, she was once again kidnapped and taken to Tanghe County Custody Center, where she remains.

Yang Xiangzhen has a husband who is in his 60s. He is ill and has difficulty walking by himself. The couple also has a 10-year-old grandson at school. The three of them depend on each other to make a living. This way of life is a terrible burden on their family. Kind people will hopefully provide help to them.

The Roll Call of Criminals of Tanghe County:

Song Xue, a member of the temporary staff of Tanghe County Detention Center, is in charge of cooking. Under the instigation of manager Li Wei, he removed the noodles from the soup and fed them to fish, giving only the broth to Dafa practitioners.

Li Wei, former chief of Tanghe County Detention Center: In the summer of 2000, 10 Dafa practitioners persistently recited the Fa in the detention center; one by one, he used a leather belt to whip them.

Tanghe County Police Department, telephone exchange No.: 86-377-8922451

Phone number for Political and Security Section: 86-377-8933538

The vicious people at Tanghe County Political and Security Section:

Li Bingshan, manager of Political and Security Section the hoodlum in charge of arresting and persecuting Dafa practitioners is the main responsible person.

Cui Hanlin, Li Chao, Li Weihang and Chang Keyong are the main hoodlums involved in arresting and persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Guo Yunzhou, recorder of Political and Security Section, wrote words slandering Dafa, and forced Dafa practitioners to sign. He has already received retribution he lost his job in July 2002.

Yang Xinya, the secretary of the Party committee of Tanghe County, Tongjaipu Town, is the head of the conspiracy to persecute Dafa practitioners.

The police station of Tanghe County Tongjaipu Town phone No.: 86-377-8481255

Policeman: Shi Juyong, participated in beating, arresting and persecuting Dafa practitioners, phone No. 86-377-8482099

Policeman: Song Feng, participated in beating, arresting and persecuting Dafa practitioners

Tanghe County Detention Center police:

Wang Yanling, in charge of female cells, beat Dafa practitioners multiple times. She also handcuffed seven practitioners behind their backs for one week.

Chief Luo, in July 2002, beat Dafa practitioners who persisted with exercising, and continuously slapped a female Dafa practitioner in the face, 27 times.

Guard Wang is very vicious. He beat Dafa practitioners multiple times.

Li Bingshan, section manager of Political and Security Section, led a gang of police to arrest, raid, detain and fine Dafa practitioners in Tanghe County. More than 10 Dafa practitioners were illegally sent to labor camp. Several Dafa practitioners were forced to leave their homes and became destitute and homeless to avoid further persecution.