(Clearwisdom.net) Song Yuying was a 60-year-old Dafa practitioner from the Gujiao District of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. She was arrested in Beijing when she went there to appeal against the persecution of Falun Dafa, and police took her back to Taiyuan City. She was then illegally detained at the Nanshang Village Detention Center. Then, in May 2001, because she was so steadfast about practicing Dafa and refused to yield to the coercion of the detention center, she was transferred to the "Legal System Education Class," which was sponsored by the Zhencheng Labor "Re-education" Camp in Taiyuan City. In June 2001, she was tortured to death.

Song Yuying was determined to thwart every demand made by the evil establishment. She resolutely stood up for her right to study the Fa and to practice the exercises. When the labor camp officials forced Dafa practitioners to watch TV programs that slandered Dafa, she went to the back of the classroom to recite Teacher's articles and study Fa. When the hoodlums found out, they ordered her to sit in the first row to watch the TV, and they cursed her every day. Yet, Song Yuying persevered in disobeying the ruffians' orders and they could do nothing about her.

The brainwashing sessions caused Song Yuying's health to deteriorate severely. One night in June 2001, practitioners detained in the same room as her were awakened by her moaning. They found that half of her body was hanging off the bed and onto the floor. She was in extreme pain. They notified the labor camp officials and put her back onto the bed. Yet, the labor camp officials did not take urgent action to call for medical help and Song Yuying quickly fell into a coma. She died shortly thereafter. She was still lying on the bed in the brainwashing center when she died.

The above is an eyewitness account by Dafa practitioners who were being detained in the same room as Song Yuying.