Written on 10/29/02

(Clearwisdom.Net) Su Ying was extremely thin and always vomiting, as she suffered from atrophic gastritis, which progressed to stomach cancer. She began practicing Falun Gong, and quickly gained strength and restored her health. In response to the persecution of Falun Gong launched by Jiang's regime, she went to Beijing to appeal in January 2001. She was abducted and transferred to four different places, where she suffered all kinds of torture. On one occasion, the female prisoners stripped her down to her underclothes in the freezing yard and took turns pouring cold water on her and punching her in the face. In March, Su Ying was transferred to the Third Detention Center in Panjin City. In April, she was sent to the Panjin Forced Labor Camp where she was sentenced to three years' forced labor. On March 18, 2002, she was transferred to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province.

While she was imprisoned in the Panjin Forced Labor Camp, the authorities started a violent brainwashing drive on May 25, 2001. Su Ying was dragged onto the second floor of the reception building, where the police made her stand "Horse Step" (squatting down with the legs apart, keeping a certain gap between the buttocks and the ground) every day. The perpetrators forced her to put two hands on her head, lower her head and bend over fully, and also made her perform "Golden Pheasant Stands Alone" (one leg steps on the ground with the other one suspended, and two arms stretched out like a flying bird). They either didn't allow her to sleep at all, or let her sleep for only two hours per day. As a punishment, they made her squat down and then move around on her feet. On the evening of May 29, the vicious police dragged Su into the dining room on the first floor, where the windows were covered with newspaper. Yi Xiuyan was in charge. Liu Jing, Wang Yan, Cai Li and Yan Lina beat and kicked Su, and pounded her head, face, ear, cervical vertebra, breast, back, waist, leg and other vital parts. Then they shocked and beat her over thirty times with an electric baton, leaving her covered with cuts and bruises. Her lower back and buttocks were especially swollen and were the color of eggplant. After the torture, the abusers tried to force her to sign a paper slandering Falun Dafa and Teacher. As she resisted, the corrupt police tortured her again. They stripped her to her underwear, and pinched at random her neck, armpit, lower abdomen and the inside of her thighs until she bled, then they beat her once more. At first, Su could feel her mouth and tongue getting numb, but she became unconscious as the torture continued.

The police claim Su was sent to the First People's Hospital in Panjin City at 9pm. She did not regain consciousness until 4am the next day after seven hours' emergency treatment. She was moved back to the medical room in the labor camp for another three days' infusion. Because of infection in her wounds, she had a fever as high as 39 degree Celsius (about 103 degree Fahrenheit). They shifted her to the hospital again. The director of the regular surgical department found that extravasated blood from her wounds was blocking blood circulation and blood supply to the heart and brain, so the doctor made two incisions on her buttocks to draw off the extravasated blood, preventing serious consequences. They extracted 500cc of black extravasated blood mixed with rotten flesh. It cost her over 10,000 Yuan in medical fees and hospital living expense. In June she was transferred from the hospital to the medical section in the forced labor camp for seven days' infusion, then she was shifted back to the second floor of the reception building. In July, Yi Xiuyan tried to force Su to compromise, making her stand still every day from 4am to 2am the next day, though she had not yet fully recovered. Later Su was forced to stand "Horse Step" until the end of September. After she was sent back to the prisoners' team, she was not allowed to speak. Since then she has felt headache and nausea when trying to read.

In the beginning of November 2001, Yi Xiuyan locked Su Ying in a small cell for close observation. Starting on November 17, Yi Xiuyan placed another three Falun Gong practitioners with Su in one small cell. With no facilities, they were forced to defecate and urinate in the room, while someone else sent them food. The guards covered the window on the door with newspaper to restrict their freedom even further. On November 20, the perpetrators dragged Su Ying to the second floor of the drug-detox building for the third round of violent brainwashing. Su Ying and the other three practitioners were imprisoned in a small dark room with a window covered by newspaper, where electric lights were left on twenty four hours a day. Four people shared two beds and had to urinate in the room. During the forty-eight days' internment in the small dark room, they had to get up at 4:30am and go to sleep after midnight. Because the authorities blocked the messages, Su's family members were not clear about her situation. After the brainwashing, Su Ying's mother and sister had a chance to visit her. When they asked her to confirm the rumor that she had been beaten unconscious and treated in the hospital, the police would not allow her to talk about it. But she refused to cooperate, and revealed what was happening, showing her family members the scar on her buttocks. Liu Jing, the policewoman on guard, cursed under her breath, "Killing you wouldn't be enough to slake my hatred for you. I should have beaten you to death then."

On the morning of January 8, 2002, Yi Xiuyan and Cai Li tried to force Su Ying to read a book slandering Falun Dafa, but Su Ying refused. Yi Xiuyan placed her in confinement for seven days, during which she was handcuffed to a heating pipe, bent over and squatting down, hands behind her back. Because she was vomiting on the fourth day, the police released her hands.

On March 18, 2002, Su Ying was transferred to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, where they have tried everything, but still failed to shake her belief in Falun Dafa. At present she is imprisoned in the second group of the second female station.

The perpetrators in Su Ying's case:

Zhang Shoujiang, Yi Xiuyan, Liu Jing, Wang Yan, Cai Li, Qi Xia, Huang Liang, Liu Min, Yan Lina, Tong Dan, Luo Yalan, Zhao Hongyan, Wang Xiaomei, Li Jie