(Clearwisdom.net) Before I started cultivating Falun Dafa, I heard people say that Falun Dafa is really good. Some people's illnesses were cured after practicing Dafa for only a short period of time. After practicing Falun Dafa, some people were able to quit smoking and drinking. I wondered if there could really be something so miraculous that it could benefit people's minds and bodies in such a way? In time, a few things that I experienced in my cultivation practice convinced me of the power of the Fa.

Six days after beginning the practice, he could return to the fields

A farmer had suffered from various illnesses including heart disease, cirrhosis, and renal problems. A few years ago, people told him stories about Falun Gong, but he didn't believe them. Later, his health deteriorated and he was hospitalized, which cost him over 2000 Yuan (about 4 months income for an average urban worker in China). Soon after he left hospital, he became ill again. One day in July 2002, seeing that it took a great effort for him to walk and that he wasn't able to lie down and sleep, his relatives once again told him about the miraculous effects of Falun Gong in improving people's health. This time, he believed it and started practicing Falun Gong. Within only 3 days, people helped him to read through Zhuan Falun and he also learned the 5-sets of exercises, meanwhile, he was able to lie down to sleep. Six days later, he was able to hoe his garden. His neighbors were quite surprised: How did this old fellow have his illnesses cured? What kind of medicine did he take? How did he suddenly recover? For the people who truly cultivate Falun Dafa, this is not surprising. As long as one reads Zhuan Falun from cover to cover once, one can understand the teachings in the book.

A stroke victim recovers

A practitioner's relative suffered from heart disease and a stroke. He often had headaches. The practitioner told him that one could become a good person and a healthy person by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. The practitioner also clarified the facts about Dafa to him. He immediately said: "I'll practice Falun Gong!" The practitioner read him a paragraph from Zhuan Falun and taught him to do the sitting mediation. On the same night, his disease symptoms disappeared. He said to his family members, "This is truly miraculous. It is Dafa that saved me." He has been practicing Falun Gong for almost a month and he looks very healthy. His family members were also convinced and greatly admired Falun Gong. They also understood why Falun Gong practitioners are so determined in their cultivation practice.

Quit both smoking and drinking

Before he practiced Falun Gong, a man smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and drank alcohol at each meal. Within only 10 days after he started practicing Falun Gong, the smell of tobacco became unendurable, so he quit smoking and does not want to smoke anymore. After that, he seemed to become a very different person, and now always considers others first. Under his influence, many of his family members also began the practice.