A gift from the heart

A Dafa practitioner's neighbor donated 1000 Yuan (500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China) from his moderate salary to help cover the cost of the truth-clarifying materials. The neighbor said, "I really admire your hard work in producing, transporting and distributing Dafa materials. Please accept my small token of appreciation."

I will clarify the truth

Miss Zhang works at a day care center in northeast China. She is not a Falun Gong practitioner. Under the poisonous propaganda, she did not know the truth about the Tiananmen Staged Immolation. Miss Yang, Zhang's colleague and a Dafa practitioner, gave her a VCD to clarify the truth. After viewing the VCD, Miss Zhang learned the truth of the persecution. She later read Zhuan Falun and became very excited. The next day, she told the practitioner, "From now on, Teacher is taking care of me. If anyone badmouths Falun Gong, I will let them know the truth.

A mute girl speaks

In April of 2000, I was kidnapped and taken to a detention center in Beijing following my appeal in the city. During my detention, a mute girl became a practitioner thanks to the help of other practitioners who had been detained there. One day at breakfast, she gave me a thumbs up to say Falun Gong is good. Amazingly, several days later, she started to talk. When I was packing my stuff to leave, I heard her reciting "Lunyu" [preface of Zhuan Falun].

On October 27, 2002