(Clearwisdom.net) I was illegally detained at Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin City. The following is only part of what I experienced. I hope all the kind-hearted people in world take a look at the tremendous suffering imposed on Falun Gong practitioners under the dictatorship of Jiang's regime.

Shuangkou forced labor camp was labeled by the upper administrations as a ministry level "civilized unit," but their "civilized management" methods are actually the cruelest in the world.

1. To reach the "reformation quota," policemen ruthlessly torture Dafa practitioners with various methods. Many practitioners are injured, disabled, or even killed by the torture.

Dafa practitioner Tang Jian was once detained in the first group in Shuangkou. The group leader Wang slapped his face for one hour and 40 minutes. Tang Jian's face was disfigured by the slapping, and Wang's arms were left painful for a few days since from hitting Tang Jian so hard. Tang Jian is now being detained in the fourth team of the third brigade in Banqiao.

Xiao Shuqing is a 53-year-old Dafa practitioner. He was very weak after being tortured. The wound on his bottom was so infected that he couldn't sit down, but the group leader still forced him to perform hard labor. The head of the second group kicked and punched him, slapped his face, and cursed him. The head of the first group viciously said: "The window is open, if you are not happy you can jump out of it. Tomorrow morning we'll say that you committed suicide to escape punishment." Later Xiao told this to the instructor, then one team leader pointed his finger at Xiao and threatened: "I can find out your home address, I have many friends on the outside. If you'd like your family to be safe, you better shut up."

Criminal prisoners beat up Dafa practitioner Zhu Gang. The prisoners dared to shock him almost to death with two electric batons, which showed that the camp officials instigated and provided the means for prisoners to torture Dafa practitioners. The group head promised to reduce their terms, add credits etc. to encourage this type of behavior. Dafa practitioners were abused by not being allowed to sleep or use the bathroom. Some Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike, but guards transferred them to other forced labor camps under the excuse of "anti-reformation." Dafa practitioner Liu Jun was tortured to death by those evil hearted guards and prisoners.

The second group also used the formation drill to torture determined Dafa practitioners. On the hottest summer days, policemen forced Dafa practitioner to run from morning till night. After a police officer shouted "1", Dafa practitioners had to stand on one foot for about 30 minutes or even 40 minutes before a "2" was shouted then they would change feet. If you could not stand up, criminal prisoners would come to punch you or beat you with a stick. Only at lunchtime was there a short break of a few minutes.

Police also compelled Dafa practitioners to watch videos made to slander Dafa. Song Xiufeng, the group leader, asked for Dafa practitioner Hu Peiyou's feelings after watching the video, Hu said he had no "feelings." Song got angry and shocked Hu's neck with an electric baton until a lot of blisters appeared. Dafa practitioner Man Chunqiao said hello to Hu and was shocked by group leader He Jun with an electric baton. Dafa practitioner Du Wanming refused to write a "guarantee paper," so he was punched and shocked with electric batons by Liu Zhizun and He Jun.

In 2001, on the first day I went to the third group, criminal prisoner Gong Jianping forced those of us who refused to write a "statement of remorse" to bend down with our hands on our feet. We were so tired that our legs were trembling. Several of us are in our 50's. Gong shouted: "If you do not write a statement of remorse, nobody will be allowed to stand up." While shouting he kicked and punched our backs. Twice, my head touched the ground from the kicking. During the night, they wouldn't let us sleep until five in the morning, and forced us to get up just one hour later.

Criminal prisoners also forced us to sit on small boards full of grooves. Dafa practitioner He Jingyou's buttocks festered from the sitting. Dafa practitioner Zou Chunlin refused to write a "guarantee paper," so group leader Shi Guang beat his buttocks until it was bruised.

When I first went to the workshop, I was working in team two's room. Two criminal prisoners wanted to punch me using some excuse, so to stop them, I shouted: "No hitting people!" The second day, Group leader Dong Xiuhe brought me to his office and asked: "Why did you shout yesterday?" I said, "Somebody wanted to beat me." Dong asked maliciously: "Where did they hit you? Are you wounded?" While saying this he slapped me in the face and asked: "Have I punched you! Who could prove it? Are you wounded? Ha ha! Do you think that I am a hooligan? Don't be surprised. This is a forced labor camp. It's just like this." At that moment criminal prisoner Lu Xiangyong, who was standing beside me, kicked me and said: "Were you punched today? Who punched you?" I said: "I was; it was the group leader who punched me." Dong said: "No, no, this is an "education-through-labor" school, we do not punch or curse anybody." Then Lu took me to a management office and tried to force me to repeat: "This is an "education-through-labor" school, we do not punch or curse anybody." He harassed me for a whole morning, but I refused to say it. Now Dong has been promoted to be the head of a brigade.

Group leader Wang Zhen tortured Dafa practitioner Li Qiwen until he was disabled; now he can no longer take care of himself.

Dafa practitioner Meng Jie in the fourth brigade was shocked with electric batons until he fainted by brigade leader Tang. Instructor Chang watched the torture from the side. Guards hit Dafa practitioner Li Zhiqiang with an electric baton to force him into writing a "statement of remorse." Brigade head Tang beat up Dafa practitioner Xiao Shuqing, so Xiao went on a hunger strike. Tang taped Xiao's mouth shut and transferred him to the second group. On the way to the second group, group leader Xu Peng kicked Xiao.

The fifth brigade in the Shuangkou camp was called the "demonic brigade." Its instructor Yang Zhiqiu is a so-called "model worker" at the city level. A newspaper did a report on him and said he has special techniques in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Almost all of the most evil policemen are here. Guards abused Dafa practitioners by not allowing them to use the restrooms.

One Dafa practitioner hid a bottle as a container for urine but it was found. The guard forced him to drink the urine from the bottle. Dafa practitioner Zhang Jinyong lost two teeth from police beating him because he wanted to use the restroom.

When one day's hard work finally came to an end, others were allowed to go to sleep, but guards forced Dafa practitioners to clean up the floor with mops the size of a coin. Sometimes one had to work until the next morning with such a mop to finish the whole room.

Under the dirty living conditions, many Dafa practitioners grew scabies on their bodies. The group leader asked us to strip our clothes off and bask ourselves in the burning sun. Hours later, when all of us were thirsty, the guards put one washbasin of cool water on each of our heads, not for us to drink, but to force us to write a "guarantee statement."

Dafa practitioner Liang Feng has a thin physique. While picking peas, the group leader forced him to carry a very heavy bag of peas. Dafa practitioner Zhang Tiezhu was forced to bend over underneath a bed with a height of only 40 centimeters (about 1.2 feet) for about 7 hours, when he was pulled out, he could not straighten out his body.

Dafa practitioner Liu Zirong was a college student, but he was persecuted so badly that he suffered a mental collapse.

2. Dafa practitioner Cheng Baoliang was beaten to death by criminals instigated by the policemen in the second group of Shuangkou camp.

On the morning of August 15 2002, Dafa practitioners in the second group were leaving for the workshop. A voice was heard from the second floor: "Someone is beating people!" It was learned that Dafa practitioner Liang Feng was tortured by criminal prisoners. He started a hunger strike, and wanted to see the group leader. He refused to go to work, and criminals Wu Guoliang, Li Wenhong, Zhen Xuebing, and Liu Jinming all beat him up. They dragged Liang down the stairs by his feet, If it had not been for one person holding his head, Liang might have been battered to death by the steps. Dafa practitioners shouted together: "Stop beating people!" Headed by the group leader Wang Biao, the evil guards shouted viciously: "Go back to your line. Anyone out of line will be beaten up." Criminal prisoners Wu Guoliang and Li Wenhong, holding wooden sticks in their hands, shouted obscenities: "Anyone that dares to get out of line will be beaten to death!" At that moment, Dafa practitioner Yan Jinbo calmly said to them: "You shouldn't be like this." But as soon as he finished saying that, he was beaten with the sticks. Dafa practitioners Cheng Baoliang and Li Zhongwen stood up to stop the two criminals, but were also beaten up. At that moment, group leader Meng and Wang Biao came. They restrained Dafa practitioners from moving, but they didn't stop the two criminal prisoners from hitting Cheng Baoliang and Li Zhongwen. Cheng Baoliang shouted: "Eliminate the evils!" The police instructor Zhen also was coming in. Zhen said: "If you keep shouting, I'll bind you up." As soon as Zhen said that, criminal prisoner Zhen Xuebin taped Cheng Baoliang's mouth and both his hands and legs, and carried him out of the workshop. Criminal prisoners Wu Guoliang and Li Wenhong kept on kicking Cheng Baoliang; then Cheng was moved to a football warehouse. As soon as they entered the warehouse, Wu Guoliang said mercilessly: "Throw him to his death!"

So criminal prisoners Zhen Xuebin, Wu Guoliang and Li Wenhong raised Cheng Baoliang and slammed him to the ground heavily. Wu Guoliang also stomped on Cheng Baoliang with the full weight of his body while maniacally shouting "beat you to death, beat you to death!"

During the beating process, group leader Wang Biao was guarding the door. About 40 minutes later, Cheng Baoliang was allowed to go back to the bedroom for a rest. We saw Cheng stagger out of the warehouse and fall to the ground after about 20 steps in a faint. Ruthless Wu Guoliang kept shouting: "Nobody help him, let him crawl back by himself!" Later, criminal prisoners Gao Hui and Liu Lifeng carried Cheng to the second floor when Dafa practitioner Xiao Shuqing was also on the second floor. Just minutes later, Cheng Baoliang closed his eyes and never woke up again. All the 24 Dafa practitioners and the 50 criminal prisoners onsite witnessed this tragedy.

After Cheng was tortured to death, in order to hide the facts, evil guards headed by instructor Zhen fabricated false evidence saying that Cheng had died of a heart attack with criminal prisoners Gao Hui and Liu Lifeng as the perjured witnesses. Even a false forensic report was attached. Cheng Baoliang was cremated on August 17 in 2002. Then they transferred Dafa practitioners who knew the facts to other forced labor camps one by one.

I hope this recounting of these tragedies will draw the attention of the international community and help stop the brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Evil people will be punished; the sufferings of Dafa practitioners will awaken more kindhearted people.

November 13, 2002