(Clearwisdom.net) Under orders from Administrative Section Chief Han Guoxin, the Third Detention Center of Changchun City, Jilin Province viciously persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners who are on a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention by force-feeding them. They imprison the practitioners in small cells, cuffing their hands, shackling their feet and chaining them all together. It is extremely painful and difficult for practitioners to sit or lie down.

Every day they sent 7-8 guards to drive practitioners to the Health Clinic in Sheling Township, Shuangyang District, for force-feeding. On the way, the guards handcuff practitioners and then force them under the seats of the vans used to transport them. Guards torment and step on the practitioners. Male prisoners are coerced to force-feed practitioners with cornmeal mush mixed with extremely salty water. Guards hold practitioners down with tremendously brutal force. The equipment at the Health Clinic of Sheling Township is very simple and crude. Zhang Zhimin, who performs the force-feeding, curses Dafa and the practitioners, while at the same time wielding a tube which he repeatedly and brutally inserts into practitioners' mouths. Such force-feeding causes internal bleeding, but the guards don't care even when practitioners vomit blood. What is more serious is that they use the same pipe to force-feed several practitioners. Moreover, they even continued the force-feeding for a month. The severe trauma caused disorders and heart problems to one practitioner. The practitioner was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The evil deeds of the Third Detention Center of Changchun City in Jilin Province, and the Health Clinic of Sheling Township in Shuangyang District will certainly receive punishment from the law and by the heavenly principles.

The phone number of the Health Clinic of Sheling Township in Shuangyang District, Changchun City, Jilin Province: 86-431-4161357

Written on October 31, 2002