(Clearwisdom.Net) In September, after I read the article "To Fellow Practitioners" on Clearwisdom Net, the thought came to me to clarify truth to the precious Chinese people during the 16th National Congress in China. I would like to share my insights with other Falun Dafa practitioners in China so that more practitioners can take good use of this opportunity to save sentient beings.

Whenever I would sit down and try to write, my mind would become full of ideas and notions that would prevent me from writing down my thoughts. Notions such as, "I only have an elementary school education and how I could write something well; my mind nature and enlightenment quality are much lower than other practitioners'; my ideas and issues are too commonplace; other practitioners have been implementing all methods and means of clarifying the truth a long time ago, is there still the need for me to remind everybody of something? Why assume that others would follow my framework for doing things?" Therefore, for over a month I didn't write anything, until one day I read an experience sharing article by a practitioner in North America, about her experience of determinedly calling China for over two years. After I read it, I felt that my own dimension was also full of peace and mercy. My eyes filled with tears and I asked myself with shame, "Have you tried your best to save the precious lives around you?" Later I suddenly understood: this is the Fa-rectification period, we Dafa practitioners must make good use of our time to save sentient beings. We cannot be interfered with or blocked by any of our old notions. No matter how high my present level of cultivation, as long as I am fully devoted, with all my strength and all my heart on my present level, that's taking the responsibility of a Dafa disciple.

I think it does not matter how much Dafa work we have done, or how big or how small the Dafa work we have done. The thing that truly matters is the heart that we put into Dafa and into saving sentient beings. As Dafa practitioners inside Mainland China, we should shoulder more responsibility to set an example and to make full use of our role here in China, because there are precious lives around us everywhere. Practitioners outside of China are making international phone calls to save sentient beings, crossing thousands of mountains and tens of thousands of rivers. Compared to them, don't practitioners inside China have an even greater advantage in this area?

As I wrote this article, I understood that regardless of my skill with words, even though it's just white paper and black ink, what's displayed in other dimensions are the principles of a certain level, as well as the entity and wisdom of that Dafa disciple. They are resplendent with boundless radiance, and the evil will automatically die upon seeing them. The pure truth that we're telling could really touch an ordinary person's heart. When we have doubts and misgivings and therefore are not willing to write, we just fall into evil's trap.

Everything related to Falun Dafa is supernatural and beyond our limited human notions. My daughter is very direct and focused whenever she wants to write truth-clarifying articles. She does not have any self-limiting human notions. She only thinks about why she needs to write and what her goal is, and then she fully devotes herself to it and completes the writing in around two hours.

The above is just my own understanding. Please correct anything that is improper, with compassion.

November 1, 2002